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  1. The Tutu

    Tutu: Morals Of The Fin De Siècle


    The nineteenth-century French writer and publisher Léon Genonceaux (1856-?) is as much of an enigma as those two legendary enfants terribles whom he was the first to publish: Arthur Rimbaud and the Comte de Lautréamont. Learn More
  2. satans sisters cover

    Satan's Sisters Volume 2


    Tales of women broken by humiliation, starvation and loneliness. Learn More
  3. Mine

    Mine (Peter Sotos) - SIGNED


    Out of stock

    Against a densely imbricated skein of documentary fragments and confessional annotation, Mine advances a sustained, interlocutory investigation into the ulterior etiologies and malignant narcissism of underground pornography. Learn More
  4. Juliette



    The Marquis de Sade did not invent sadism, which has always existed, but he discovered it, like a great doctor discovers a virus... Learn More

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