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  1. Juliette



    The Marquis de Sade did not invent sadism, which has always existed, but he discovered it, like a great doctor discovers a virus... Learn More
  2. Mine

    Mine (Peter Sotos) - SIGNED


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    Against a densely imbricated skein of documentary fragments and confessional annotation, Mine advances a sustained, interlocutory investigation into the ulterior etiologies and malignant narcissism of underground pornography. Learn More
  3. satans sisters cover

    Satan's Sisters Volume 2


    Tales of women broken by humiliation, starvation and loneliness. Learn More
  4. The Tutu

    Tutu: Morals Of The Fin De Siècle


    The nineteenth-century French writer and publisher Léon Genonceaux (1856-?) is as much of an enigma as those two legendary enfants terribles whom he was the first to publish: Arthur Rimbaud and the Comte de Lautréamont. Learn More

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