Non-plush art toys designed by lowbrow artists, graphic designers, graffiti artists and more! These toys are made out of vinyl, PVC, resin, wood, anything that isn't soft and cuddly.

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  1. Aliens Vs Colonial Marines Army Builder Bag

    Aliens Vs Colonial Marines Army Builder Bag


    Grind 'em into the dirt in your backyard, melt 'em with a magnifying glass in the sun, or ... what are you doing, these are valuable collectibles! Learn More
  2. Sinus O'Gynus Figure

    Angry Youth Comix: Sinus O'Gynus

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price: $40.00

    For the first time ever in history, the amazing ANGRY YOUTH COMIX action dolls! These dolls are based on the popular characters Loady McGee and Sinus O'Gynus from Johnny Ryan's ANGRY YOUTH COMIX. Learn More
  3. Balzac Atom-Age Vampire In 308 400% Bearbrick

    Balzac Atom-Age Vampire In 308 400% Bearbrick

    Regular Price: $119.95

    Special Price: $99.95

    The Japanese horror punk band Balzac's 1995 single, "Atom Age Vampire in 308," has inspired this 400% Be@rbrick figure! Learn More
  4. Dinogrendade Figure

    Dinogrenade Vinyl Figure


    Dinogrenade: the Missing Link in the Evolution of Destruction! Learn More
  5. Drug Em Killfrog

    Drug Em Killfrog Vinyl Figure


    Stimulate your nucleus accumbens with a non-addictive*, high fructose free, designer toy! Number five in the Cereal Killers Last Breakfast series. Drug 'Em Killfrog stands approx. 8" tall. *debatable Learn More
  6. Fenton Figure

    Fenton Kaiju Vinyl Figure (Pearl Green Edition)


    This spooky/cute little candy monster will surely satisfy your sweet tooth! Part of Super 7's Ghostland series..mmmmmm, Candy Kaiju! Learn More
  7. Dorami Figure

    FiguartsZERO Doraemon Dorami Figure


    Following the introduction of FiguartsZERO Doraemon and Nobita, comes Doraemon's dependable (and adorable) little sister Dorami! Learn More
  8.  Frank Kozik’s General Tso’s Nightmare Vinyl Figure

    General Tso’s Nightmare Vinyl Figure


    Out of stock

    This figure goes on sale at 11AM (EST) on April 29. No online orders. No phone orders. No holds. No saves. First come, first served. Learn More
  9. Looney Tunes Tweety Medium Figure

    Looney Tunes Tweety Medium Figure


    "I tawt I taw a ... Tweety?" Learn More
  10. Pocket Mummy Boy Figure

    Pocket Mummy Boy Kaiju Vinyl Figure (GID Blue)


    Mummy Boy wanders by moonlight, looking for his lost arm, his glowing head lights the way... Learn More
  11. Doraemon Figure

    Robot Spirits Doraemon Figure (2016 Movie Version)


    Doraemon appears as he is portrayed in the upcoming March 2016 film 36th Doraemon The Movie: Nobita and the Birth of Japan 2016. Learn More
  12. Sketracha Dunny

    Sketracha Dunny


    Inspired by the Asian hot sauce. Learn More
  13. Snickers Munny

    Snickers Munny


    An original Munny created for Atomic Books' annual art toy show, Vinylmore. Learn More
  14. Tricky The Obese Rabbit

    Tricky The Obese Rabbit Vinyl Figure


    Tricky the Obese Bunny joins his brethren as the seventh apostle in Ron English's Cereal Killer series. Learn More

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