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  1. 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship

    50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship


    Rare, important volume in which famed Surrealist expounds (in his inimitably eccentric fashion) on what painting should be, the history of painting, what is good and bad painting, the merits of specific artists, and more. Learn More
  2. A Hedonist's Guide To Art

    A Hedonist's Guide to Art


    A Hedonist's Guide to Art shines a light on both the little-known and the wilder shores of contemporary art, affording readers a peek inside the machinations of the gilded beast known as the "Art World." Learn More
  3. A People's Art History of the United States (paperback)

    A People's Art History of the United States: 250 Years of Activist Art and Artists Working in Social Justice Movements


    Inspired by the pathbreaking work of Howard Zinn, A People’s Art History of the United States is propelled by a democratic vision of art, showing that art doesn’t just belong within the confines of museums and archives. In fact, art is created every day in the street and all around us, and everyone deserves to be a part of it. Learn More
  4. Abstract City

    Abstract City


    Out of stock

    In July 2008, illustrator and designer Christoph Niemann began Abstract City, a visual blog for the New York Times. Learn More
  5. Acres 02

    Acres 02


    Baltimore-based publication featuring art interviews and writing by nearly 20 contemporary creatives. Learn More
  6. After the Laughter

    After the Laughter


    “Looking back on the distance we have come since forming our little artist-duo Herakut in 2004, we can divide up our path into three segments: A) getting no attention, B) getting tons of attention, and C) trying to feel as free as in (A) while assuming all the responsibility that comes with (B).” (Hera) Learn More
  7. Afterall #41

    Afterall #41


    Out of stock

    A Journal Of Art, Context And Inquiry. Learn More
  8. Andy Warhol: The American Dream

    Andy Warhol: The American Dream


    The selection of Andy Warhol's works featured in this volume chronicles the evolution of the American dream from the 1960s to the mid-1980s. Learn More
  9. Architectural Theory

    Architectural Theory


    Sentence structures: The architectural treatises which shaped our world. Learn More
  10. Art And Agenda: Political Art and Activism

    Art And Agenda: Political Art and Activism


    Life has become significantly more political in the new millennium, especially in the aftermath of the worldwide banking crisis. Art is both driving and documenting this upheaval. Initially, it was mostly young artists and activists who were raising their voices to protest globalization and the pollution of our environment, but increasingly the work of established artists is also becoming dominated by political topics. Art & Agenda explores the impact of political activism on contemporary art. Learn More
  11. Art Gangs

    Art Gangs: Protest And Counterculture in New York City


    Art Gangs explores the work of artists groups in New York City after 1968. Learn More
  12. Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau


    Organic reform: Reactionary tendrils, flowers, and flowing lines . Learn More
  13. ArtForum Magazine

    ArtForum Magazine #10 (Vol. 54)


    A magazine of contemporary art. Learn More
  14. Artist/Artshow



    All Rights Reserved, artist exhibitions, art galleries, art shows Learn More
  15. ArtReview Magazine

    ArtReview Magazine


    Observers Are Not Supposed To Make Comments. Learn More
  16. Bare Essentials

    Bare Essentials: The Best Of Nude Magazine 2003-2011


    Starting life as a free-distribution zine in the Autumn of 2003, Nude Magazine soon evolved into a glossy, internationally-distributed, cutting-edge publication with high production values and quality writing, which served up a colorful overview of all aspects of contemporary independent and retro culture. Learn More
  17. Bauhaus



    Best of Bauhaus: An in-depth study of the seminal movement in art and architecture. Learn More
  18. Bauhaus: Art As Life

    Bauhaus: Art as Life


    Out of stock

    Bauhaus: Art as Life explores the diverse artistic production and turbulent 14-year history of the modern world’s most famous art school. Learn More
  19. BmoreArt #1

    BmoreArt #1: Place


    Out of stock

    A Journal of Art and Ideas. Learn More
  20. BmoreArt #2

    BmoreArt #2: Money


    A Journal of Art and Ideas. Learn More
  21. Bomb #136

    Bomb #136


    Conversations between artists, writers, actors, directors, musicians - since 1981. Learn More
  22. Cabinet #59

    Cabinet #59: The North


    A Quarterly Of Art And Culture. Learn More
  23. Cavities: Hairlip

    Cavities: Hairlip


    Rape, molestation, fanart of mutilation and new media. Learn More
  24. Citizen Keane

    Citizen Keane: The Big Lies Behind The Big Eyes


    Teary, big-eyed orphans and a multitude of trashy knockoffs epitomized American kitsch art as they clogged thrift stores for decades. Learn More
  25. Collect Raindrops

    Collect Raindrops: The Seasons Gathered


    Gather, Navigate, Welcome, Fortify, Surrender, Save, Listen, Make Mistakes. These are some of the messages renowned artist Nikki McClure affirms in this gorgeous monograph of her paper cuts. Learn More

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