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  1. Naked Hollywood: Weegee in Los Angeles

    Naked Hollywood: Weegee in Los Angeles


    In 1946, the tabloid photographer known as Weegee relocated from New York City to Los Angeles. Abandoning the grisly crime scenes for which he was best known, Weegee trained his camera instead on Hollywood celebrities, starlets, autograph seekers, and shop-window mannequins, sometimes distorted through trick lenses and multiple exposures. Learn More
  2. My Rules

    My Rules


    The definitive monograph of Glen E. Friedman, a pioneer of skate, punk, and hip-hop photography, including much never-before-published work. Learn More
  3. Murder Is My Business

    Murder Is My Business


    Drawn from the International Center of Photography's archives, this book highlights the incomparable style and fascinating career of Weegee, one of New York City's quintessential press photographers. Learn More
  4. Motel Bizarre

    Motel Bizarre

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    Special Price: $14.95

    Tales from the No-Tell Motel. Learn More
  5. More Stuff On My Cat

    More Stuff On My Cat


    Out of stock

    2x the stuff + 2x the cats = 4x the awesome! Learn More
  6. Monkey Portraits*

    Monkey Portraits*


    We share about 98 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees, our closest biological cousins. And never have the similarities between simians and humans been so amusingly and brilliantly captured as in MONKEY PORTRAITS. Learn More
  7. Mobile Phenomena

    Mobile Phenomena


    Out of stock

    What do artists book libraries built into airstream trailers, bar bikes, and giant windmill blades on wheels have to do with the bypassing traditional forms of social mobility? How can we use mobile projects to reimagine urban and rural spaces that are normally closed to creative gestures and public services? Learn More
  8. Mike Watt: On And Off Bass

    Mike Watt: On And Off Bass


    The New Yorker calls it “unusual and beautiful.” The LA Weekly raves, “the photos are strikingly inventive, revealing yet another side of this modern-day Renaissance man.” MTV calls it “a charming, well-shot document of a the legendary punk rocker’s photographic dabbling.” Detroit Metrotimes: “A unique insight into Watt’s mind.” Learn More
  9. Max's Kansas City

    Max's Kansas City: Art, Glamour, Rock and Roll


    At no other time in history has there been a more exciting collision of art, music, and fashion than at Max’s Kansas City from the 1960s to the early 80s. Learn More
  10. Makiba: Cute Farm Animals

    Makiba: Cute Farm Animals


    Smiling Sheep, sleeping goats, laughing pigs, kissing horses, jumping rabbits, various cute farm animals appear in this book. Learn More
  11. Madonna NYC 83

    Madonna NYC 83


    Madonna NYC 83 celebrates a moment in early 1980s New York that has been increasingly reappraised in recent years for its fecund interactions and overlaps between the worlds of fashion, art and music. Learn More
  12. Lomo On!

    Lomo On!


    Out of stock

    A photo art book collected analog photography. Learn More
  13. Larry Clark Stuff

    Larry Clark Stuff


    Out of stock

    Larry Clark (born 1943) is one of the leading American photographers and artists of the last half-century. Learn More
  14. Lady #0

    Lady Magazine #0


    Out of stock

    This is not a magazine. This is a movie. Learn More
  15. Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson

    Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson


    In this book of original, behind-the-scenes photographs, acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson follows superstar Lady Gaga during one year of her life, from Lollapalooza through the final show of her Monster Ball tour. Learn More
  16. Juxtapoz Photo

    Juxtapoz: Photo


    Once a year, the Juxtapoz Magazine photo issue is released to eagerly awaiting fans of bleeding-edge photography. Learn More
  17. The Journal #33

    Journal #33


    A European Arts Journal. Learn More
  18. Vanitas

    Joel-Peter Witkin: Vanitas


    Out of stock

    Joel-Peter Witkin: Vanitas offers a concise survey of one of the most controversial photographers alive. Learn More
  19. Joel-Peter Witkin

    Joel-Peter Witkin


    With his focus on the 'disagreeable beauty' of the anomalous and the transgressive, Joel-Peter Witkin’s images are edgy and disturbing. Learn More
  20. Where Children Sleep

    James Mollison: Where Children Sleep


    Where Children Sleep presents English-born photographer James Mollison's large-format photographs of children's bedrooms around the world--from the U.S.A., Mexico, Brazil, England, Italy, Israel and the West Bank, Kenya, Senegal, Lesotho, Nepal, China and India--alongside portraits of the children themselves. Learn More
  21. Instant

    Instant: The Story of Polaroid


    Out of stock

    "Instant photography at the push of a button!" Learn More
  22. Inside the Photograph

    Inside the Photograph


    Peter C. Bunnell has been a major force in shaping the discourse about photography. During his 30-some years as an influential professor and curator at Princeton University, he has written extensively. This classic collection of texts, available for the first time in paperback and selected from work published throughout his career, makes a significant contribution to the field that he has helped to establish. Learn More
  23. I Apologize In Advance For The Awful Things I’m Gonna Do

    I Apologize In Advance For The Awful Things I’m Gonna Do


    "if you’re not ashamed / of some things you’ve done, I can / fix that. come over" Learn More
  24. Hypebeast #6

    Hypebeast #6: The Rhapsody Issue


    Out of stock

    The Archetype Issue. Learn More
  25. Howard L. Bingham's Black Panthers 1968

    Howard L. Bingham's Black Panthers 1968


    Forty years after Life magazine sent writer Gilbert Moore and photographer Howard Bingham to document and tell the story of the Black Panthers. Learn More

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