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  1. The Rise of David Bowie, 1972–1973

    Rise of David Bowie, 1972–1973


    A unique tribute from David Bowie's official photographer and creative partner, Mick Rock, compiled in 2015, with Bowie’s blessing. Learn More
  2. Rivers Forgotten

    Rivers Forgotten


    Out of stock

    Rivers Forgotten is a journey through the passages and portals of the underground waterways that lie unseen below cities. Learn More
  3. Rockin'

    Rockin': The Rockabilly Scene


    For enthusiasts, rockabilly isn’t just a kind of music; it’s a way of life. Learn More
  4. Running Ground

    Running Ground: Photos By Rob Brulinski


    Running Ground is Rob's journal of common encounters gathered into diverse patterns. Learn More
  5. Immediate Family

    Sally Mann: Immediate Family


    First published in 1992, Immediate Family has been lauded by critics as one of the great photography books of our time, and among the most influential. Learn More
  6. Salt And Truth

    Salt And Truth


    Shelby Lee Adams first encountered the communities of the Appalachian mountains as a child, while accompanying his doctor uncle on his rounds. Learn More
  7. Sara VanDerBeek

    Sara VanDerBeek


    The photographic and sculptural arrangements of Sara VanDerBeek (born 1976) emulate a poet’s economic use of structure, phrasing and rhythm, to suspend images and multiple processes within a rigorously shaped framework. Learn More
  8. scandalous metropolitan cover

    Scandalous Metropolitan: Tokyo Street Scenes


    A new book of photos by Kim Laughton and Holly Stephens. Learn More
  9. Secret Doll Underground

    Secret Doll Underground: Japanese Surrealist Dolls From The Yaso Collection, Tokyo


    The modern era of underground doll-making in Japan began in the late 1960s, with the experiments of Simon Yotsuya and Nori Doi. Learn More
  10. See You At The Buck

    See You At The Buck


    In Quarryville, PA, Memorial Day and demolition derby at The Buck is synonymous for the beginning of summer. Learn More
  11. Selected Photographs 2008

    Selected Photographs 2008


    A collection of photographs from Justin Kelly and David Whitaker taken in 2008. Learn More
  12. Shots #132

    Shots #132


    SHOTS is characterized by its diverse, straightforward and bold presentation of images by photographers of all levels with an innate passion for creative, personal work. Learn More
  13. Smoking Kids

    Smoking Kids Postcard Book


    Smoking Kids is the title of Frieke Janssens' somewhat controversial photographic project. Learn More
  14. Suite Vénitienne

    Sophie Calle: Suite Vénitienne


    After following strangers on the streets in Paris for months, photographing them and notating their movements, Sophie Calle ran into a man at an opening whom she had followed earlier that day. Learn More
  15. True Stories

    Sophie Calle: True Stories


    Out of stock

    First published in French in 1994, quickly acclaimed as a photo book classic, and now expanded and reissued in this first English-language edition from Actes Sud, True Stories gathers a series of short autobiographical texts and photos by Sophie Calle. Learn More
  16. Sounds Of Two Eyes Opening

    Sounds of Two Eyes Opening - Southern California Life : Skate/Beach/Punk 1969-1982


    Spot landed in Hermosa Beach, CA in the mid-1970s. A serious musician, he helped build Media Art Recording Studio and stumbled into photojournalism via Easy Reader, the local news weekly. Learn More
  17. Source #83

    Source #83


    Out of stock

    The Photographic Review. Learn More
  18. Southern Rites

    Southern Rites


    Southern Rites is an original and provocative 12-year visual study of one community's struggle to confront longstanding issues of race and equality. Learn More
  19. Soviet Bus Stops

    Soviet Bus Stops


    Photographer Christopher Herwig first noticed the unusual architecture of Soviet-era bus stops during a 2002 long-distance bike ride from London to St. Petersburg. Learn More
  20. Soviets

    Soviets: Drawings by Danzig Baldaev. Photographs by Sergei Vasiliev.


    Soviets features unpublished drawings from the archive of Danzig Baldaev. Learn More
  21. States of Decay

    States of Decay


    If America is the Roman Empire of our time then New York City is Rome. Learn More
  22. Stieglitz: Camera Work

    Stieglitz: Camera Work


    Highlights from the legendary photo journal. Learn More
  23. Still



    Out of stock

    A photo book of night photography. Learn More
  24. Storefront

    Storefront: The Disappearing Faces of New York (Mini)


    Out of stock

    Store Front (Mini) is a new, compact version of the critically acclaimed bestseller Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York, by James and Karla Murray. Learn More
  25. Storefront

    Storefront: The Disappearing Faces of New York City


    Authors James and Karla Murray have been photographing the streets of New York for years, publishing two bestselling books on the graffiti scene, Broken Windows and Burning New York, in the process. Learn More

Items 101 to 125 of 154 total

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