An array of our favorite music and movies on vinyl, CDs, DVDs, and more.

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  1. 2Everything2Terrible2 DVD

    2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift DVD!


    This is it. It's finally happening. Learn More
  2. A Bad Situationist: A Sad Comedy DVD

    A Bad Situationist: A Sad Comedy DVD


    Starring: Sam Seder, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Sarah Silverman, H. Jon Benjamin, Marc Maron, and more. Learn More
  3. A Blood Pledge: Broken Promise

    A Blood Pledge: Broken Promise DVD

    Regular Price: $19.98

    Special Price: $17.95

    Strange rumors begin to spread through school about Unjoo's suicide. Learn More
  4. Adventure Time Season 5 DVD

    Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season DVD


    Are you a Jake fan? Great! Because Season 5 has a ridiculous amount of momentous Jake moments! Learn More
  5. Akira

    Akira Blu-Ray/DVD


    Available for the first time in nearly five years! Learn More
  6. Argento's Dracula 3D Bluray

    Argento's Dracula 3D Bluray


    Horror master Dario Argento returns with a bloody, luridly creepy 3D version of the classic vampire tale, drenched in gore and sex. Learn More
  7. Ashanti DVD/Blu-Ray

    Ashanti DVD/Blu-Ray


    Ashanti is the breathtaking 1979 adventure of a man who resolutely takes on a treacherous journey in order to find his beautiful wife, who has been kidnapped by ruthless slave traders. Learn More
  8. Ator DVD

    Ator DVD


    Miles O'Keefe stars as Ator in the first of four films to feature the muscle-bound post-apocalyptic warrior! Learn More
  9. Babes In Prison

    Babes Behind Bars DVD


    Welcome to Babe Jail, where the best shower a girl can get is from the warden's hose, and interrogation always ends in intercourse! Learn More
  10. Barbarella DVD

    Barbarella DVD


    Out of stock

    Jane Fonda stars in the audacious Sci-fi cult classic as a sexy Earth government agent Barbarella who is on a mission to find mad scientist Durand Durand and stop him from resurrecting the "neurotic irresponsibility" of war in a peaceful universe. Learn More
  11. Bath Salt Zombies DVD

    Bath Salt Zombies DVD


    Out of stock

    The "bath salts" epidemic facing the southern and mid-western U.S. has been stifled by an unprecedented government crackdown, leading to a tremendous amount of surplus stock hidden by black market dealers, and a migration of those dealers to the northeast. Learn More
  12. The Beast Within Blu-Ray

    Beast Within Blu-Ray


    Like many adolescents, a Mississippi teenager finds his body and his appetites growing beyond human proportions - only this time, it's a horror movie! Learn More
  13. beyond the valley of the dolls dvd

    Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls DVD


    Out of stock

    A Rock 'n' Roll Extravaganza Of Ample Proportions! Learn More
  14. Big Foot DVD

    Big Foot DVD


    Out of stock

    America's abominable snowman...breeds with anything! Learn More
  15. Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies DVD

    Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies DVD


    Out of stock

    Flesh eating Nazi zombies guarding the fortune! Learn More
  16. Blue Sunshine DVD

    Blue Sunshine DVD

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $19.95

    This classic cult horror film, from acclaimed writer/director Jeff Lieberman, is a masterpiece of psychological suspense and terror. At a party, someone goes insane and murders three women. Learn More
  17. Boogiepop And Others DVD

    Boogiepop And Others DVD


    Out of stock

    Newly reissued a special low price! Learn More
  18. The Bubble DVD

    Bubble Special Edition DVD And Soundtrack CD


    A documentary film about Celebration Florida. Learn More
  19. Buzzcocks Live DVD

    Buzzcocks: Live at Shepherds Bush Empire 2003 DVD


    This full-length concert DVD was filmed & recorded at Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England on April 27th, 2003 in Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Learn More
  20. Caged Women DVD

    Caged Women DVD


    Hidden deep in the remote South American jungle is a place of hideous terror. Learn More
  21. Cannibal Flesh Riot! DVD

    Cannibal Flesh Riot! DVD


    Will nothing satisfy their taste for the dead? Learn More
  22. Classic Splatter Pack

    Classic Splatter Pack: Drive-In Massacre / Driller Killer DVD


    These two original, gore-soaked features are finally together on the most disturbing double-bill ever! Learn More
  23. Colorshop Vol. 1 DVD

    Colorshop Volume 1 DVD


    100+ weird, psychedelic, and interesting television ads from the 60's/70's. Beautifully restored and available on DVD for the very first time! Learn More
  24. Crawlspace Blu-Ray

    Crawlspace Blu-Ray


    Renter Beware! Psychotic landlord Karl Gunter wants to charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege of tenancy! Learn More
  25. Deadly Blessing Blu-Ray

    Deadly Blessing Blu-Ray

    Regular Price: $29.93

    Special Price: $28.95

    When a former member of a religious cult dies in a mysterious accident, his wife Martha, who now lives alone and close to the cult's church, begins to fear for her life and the lives of her visiting friends. Learn More

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