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  1. Ritual America

    Ritual America: Secret Brotherhoods and Their Influence on American Society: A Visual Guide


    Secret societies—now a staple of bestseller novels—are pictured as sinister cults that use hooded albinos to menace truth-seekers. Some conspiracy books claim that fraternal orders are the work of serpentine aliens and interbred humans who wish to supplant earth of its energy, and later, its very existence. Learn More
  2. Propaganda and the Holy Writ of The Process Church of the Final Judgment

    Propaganda and Holy Writ of The Process Church of The Final Judgment


    The celebrated thematic magazines of the notorious Process Church of the Final Judgment cult were created to be hawked on the street in order to raise money and attract like-minded adherents to their unorthodox Gnostic theology. Learn More
  3. Big Mouth #3

    Big Mouth #3

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    Cartoons by Pat Moriarity. Learn More
  4. Art That Kills

    Art That Kills


    Out of stock

    A Panoramic Portrait Of Aesthetic Terrorism: 1984-2001. Learn More
  5. Secret And Suppressed II

    Secret And Suppressed II: Banned Ideas And Hidden History Into The 21st Century


    There are two ways of looking at the world: You can take the mass media at face value and believe the world oscillates between the dumb-show of 'left wing' and 'right wing.' Or you can begin to question this national hypnosis. Learn More
  6. Citizen Keane

    Citizen Keane: The Big Lies Behind The Big Eyes


    Teary, big-eyed orphans and a multitude of trashy knockoffs epitomized American kitsch art as they clogged thrift stores for decades. Learn More
  7. Deep Inside a Cop's Mind CD

    Deep Inside a Cop's Mind CD


    Out of stock

    A soundtrack for the new police state featuring 12 songs and 2 spoken-word cuts. Learn More
  8. Apocalypse Culture

    Apocalypse Culture


    Two thousand years have passed since the death of Christ and the world is going mad. Learn More
  9. Extreme Islam

    Extreme Islam: Anti-American Propaganda of Muslim Fundamentalism


    EXTREME ISLAM explores the fundamentalist current, whose strict interpretations of the Holy Qur'an has led it to declare war against secular nations, and even members of its own religion whose lenient ideas are considered apostate, a sin punishable by death. Learn More
  10. Lexicon Devil

    Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times And Short Life Of Darby Crash And The Germs


    This book is a surreal trip into the parallel universe of the Germs, a story told by the people who were there and augmented by rarely seen photos. Learn More

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