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  1. Best Of Comix Book

    Best of Comix Book: When Marvel Comics Went Underground


    In 1974, legendary Marvel Comics publisher Stan Lee approached underground pioneer Denis Kitchen and offered a way for them to collaborate. Learn More
  2. Blab World Vol. 1

    Blab World Volume 2


    Blab World No. 2 is a deluxe, hardcover anthology of art, illustration, articles, profiles, found graphics, cartoons, and sequential art. Learn More
  3. Masterful Marks

    Masterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed The World


    In a first-of-its-kind collection, award-winning illustrators celebrate the lives of the visionary artists who created the world of comic art and altered pop culture forever. Learn More
  4. Grasshopper & The Ant

    Grasshopper And The Ant


    Forty years ago, the late comics genius Harvey Kurtzman created a marvelous beatnik take on the ancient Aesop fable that appeared in Esquire magazine, where the panels were reproduced small and blurry. Learn More
  5. Denis Kitchen's Chipboard Sketchbook

    Denis Kitchen's Chipboard Sketchbook


    Following on the heels of The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen, an overview of the pioneering underground cartoonist published this summer by Dark Horse Books, Denis Kitchen's Chipboard Sketchbook is comprised of particular kinds of drawings on "chipboard" that Kitchen has done below the radar for many years. Learn More
  6. Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen

    Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen


    A well-known personality in the comics world, Denis Kitchen has worn many hats: publisher, founder of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and literary and art agent. But his career as a pioneering underground comix artist has been overdue for rediscovery -- until now! Learn More
  7. The Art of Harvey Kurtzman

    The Art of Harvey Kurtzman: The Mad Genius of Comics


    Harvey Kurtzman discovered Robert Crumb and gave Gloria Steinem her first job in publishing when he hired her as his assistant. Terry Gilliam also started at his side, met an unknown John Cleese in the process, and the genesis of Monty Python was formed. Art Spiegelman has stated on record that he owes his career to him. And he's one of Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner's favorite artists. Learn More
  8. The Sketchbook Adventures of Peter Poplaski

    Sketchbook Adventures Of Peter Poplaski


    Poplaski is an "artist's artist," widely admired by the comics industry cognoscenti. Learn More
  9. Snarf #11

    Snarf #11


    Kitchen Sink's humor anthology title featuring work by Rand Holmes, Howard Cruse and Joe Matt. Learn More

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