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  1. Nine Ways To Disappear

    Nine Ways to Disappear


    The charmingly peculiar short stories collected in this new book revolve loosely around the theme of disappearance and mark a new form for Lilli Carre. Learn More
  2. We Can Fix It!

    We Can Fix It!


    What would you do if you had a time machine? Bet on sporting events? Assassinate all the evildoers of history? Or maybe try to fix all the mistakes and regrets that have haunted you all these years? Learn More
  3. Talk Dirty cover

    Talk Dirty


    A man, a woman. Alone atop an abandoned crane. Mindgames. Body games. Seduction. Violation. Who's in control? Learn More
  4. Boffy The Vampire Layer

    Boffy The Vampire Layer


    Collects the BOFFY THE VAMPIRE LAYER single issues. Learn More
  5. Tijuana Bibles Volume 8

    Tijuana Bibles Volume 8


    This latest edition of reprints of classic 1930s 'Tijuana Bible' comics focuses on the pre-WWII Bibles. Learn More
  6. Hippie Chixx

    Hippie Chixx


    It's another non-Housewives-or-Teens special one-shot (like 2008's hit MILFs On Mars) from the drawing table of Rebecca! Learn More
  7. Prison Pit: Book 1

    Prison Pit: Book 1


    Prison Pit is an original graphic novel from the pen of Johnny Ryan, best known for his humor comic, Angry Youth Comix. Prison Pit represents a marked departure from AYC or his Blecky Yuckerella weekly comic strip, combining his love for WWE wrestling, Gary Panter’s “Jimbo” comics, and Kentaro Miura’s “Berserk” Manga into a brutal showcase of violence, survival and revenge. Learn More
  8. Prison Pit: Book 5

    Prison Pit: Book 5


    Prison Pit is Johnny (Angry Youth Comix) Ryan's ongoing taboo-busting sci-fi-prison-planet-body-mutation-splatterfest epic extravaganza, beloved by everyone from the legendary Gary Panter ("GLOREGEFULL!") to Booklist ("Not to be missed"). Learn More
  9. Mara, Celtic Shamaness cover

    Mara, Celtic Shamaness


    The MARA: CELTIC SHAMANESS series gets the deluxe, graphic novel treatment it so richly deserves. Learn More
  10. Hardcore Dementia

    Hardcore Dementia


    It is a whole new dimension of Dementia! Learn More
  11. Here Come The Lovejoys Volume 1

    Here Come The Lovejoys Volume 1


    The family that plays together lays together in Tony Libido’s hilarious and raunchy send-up of American suburban life. Learn More
  12. Zap Comix #16

    Zap Comix #16


    The final, previously-only-available-in-a limited/collector's-edition issue of the the most important comic book series of all time! Learn More
  13. Vixxxen: The Adventures of Selen Volume 3 cover

    Vixxxen: The Adventures of Selen Volume 3


    The erotic adventures of real-life porn star Selen have drawn legions of fans. Learn More
  14. The Blonde Volume 2: Bondage Palace cover

    The Blonde Volume 2: Bondage Palace


    Collecting the BONDAGE PALACE single issues story. Learn More
  15. Bayba: Domina In Red

    Bayba: Domina In Red


    In this second volume, young Bayba, before the 101 BJ's, is ripening into a hot she-male. Learn More
  16. Dirty Girlz

    Dirty Girlz


    A decade after their last raunchfest, Lust In Space, Kono Yaro & Suke Bei return with Dirty Girlz, an all-new collection of lesbo-rrific short stories in many different genres. Learn More
  17. Wormdye



    Eamon Espey's Wormdye is a collection of interwoven tales that deftly illustrate the fever-pitched anxiety of modern life. Learn More
  18. Happiness Comix #3

    Happiness Comix #3


    Comix, art and fun for all. Learn More
  19. Lann



    X-rated spacefaring fantasy! The collected LANN, including the complete episode from HEAVY METAL magazine, from the creator of THE IRON DEVIL, GHITA OF ALIZARR, and PLAYBOY magazine's MOONSHINE MCJUGS. Learn More
  20. The Piano Tuner Volume 1

    The Piano Tuner Volume 1


    Out of stock

    The latest set of short juicy fully painted stories by Noe (Convent of Hell). Learn More
  21. The Piano Tuner Volume 2

    The Piano Tuner Volume 2


    More raunchy fun by best-selling artist Ignacio Noe! Learn More
  22. salty air cover

    That Salty Air


    Hugh is a fisherman with a special relationship to the sea; a relationship based on respect and reverence. Learn More
  23. Luna



    A journalist working as a police reporter goes undercover as a fashion photographer. Learn More
  24. Hot Nights in Rangoon cover

    Hot Nights in Rangoon


    This mix of international intrigue and raunchy sex action is your ticket to the torrid zones! Learn More
  25. Nagarya Part 2: The Lost Continent

    Nagarya Part 2: The Lost Continent


    The second part of this saga of revival on a new planet is now reprinted to complete the story of John and Anny, painting the travels and tribulations of the two main characters in a primeval rainforest. Learn More

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