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  1. Andre The Giant

    Andre the Giant: Life and Legend


    Andre Roussimoff is known as both the lovable giant in The Princess Bride and a heroic pro-wrestling figure. He was a normal guy who'd been dealt an extraordinary hand in life. Learn More
  2. Hic & Hoc Illustrated Journal Of Humor Vol. 1

    Hic And Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humor Volume 1


    Edited by ambulatory laff factories Lauren Barnett (Me Likes You Very Much) and Nathan Bulmer (Eat More Bikes), the first volume of an anticipated 196 volume series of the best of funny comics throughout the world. Learn More
  3. Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends

    Unknown Origins And Untimely Ends: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries


    Featuring tales of slaughtered hikers, vanishing prime ministers, suicide forests, and meat falling from the sky. Learn More
  4. Suspect Device

    Suspect Device #1


    Out of stock

    This book may be suspect. It uses a device. A series of Nancy comics parodies. Learn More
  5. Suspect Device #2

    Suspect Device #2


    Suspect Device 2! The sequel to 2011's Suspect Device 1, the book that was listed as one of the best comics of 2011 on the Secret Acres Blog, is here. . This issue features the same Cut-up reappropriation of old comics by new artists, with homages to Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy and Jim Davis's Garfield by a team of 74 Indie artists. Learn More
  6. Mutant! #3

    Mutant #3


    One Free Copy With Any Online Order of $30 or more. Please, only 1 free item per order. Don't be a Greedy Gus! Learn More
  7. The Mark

    The Mark


    A comic Box did called The Mark for a French Anthology. Learn More
  8. Secret Prison 7

    Secret Prison #7


    It's 20 of the best alt. cartoonists working in Right to Left manga-style. Learn More
  9. Not My Small Diary #17

    Not My Small Diary #17


    A high school-themed anthology, containing 55 artists and writers. Learn More
  10. Sock

    Sock (Mini Comic)


    A mini-comic about a guy who is his own worst enemy created in December 2012. Learn More
  11. Suspect Device #3

    Suspect Device #3


    Reappropriating Popeye, Nancy, Garfield and Little Orphan Annie. Learn More
  12. Mutant #4

    Mutant #4


    Atomic Books put together this anthology comic to celebrate Free Comic Book Day (May 4) 2013! Learn More
  13. Cringe

    Cringe: An Anthology Of Embarrassment


    Cringe: An Anthology of Embarrassment collects over twenty stories of personal humiliation, shame, and awkwardness from a variety of indie cartoonists. Learn More
  14. New Physics

    New Physics


    Feel the power of the godhead. Learn More
  15. Screwjob



    A new comics anthology devoted to those glorious combatants within the squared circle: the professional wrestler! Learn More
  16. Number 2

    Number 2


    The first volume of Box Brown's new ongoing anthology series, Number! Learn More
  17. An Entity Observes All Things

    An Entity Observes All Things


    Stories of science fiction and mental exploration from Box Brown, New York Times-bestselling author of Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. Learn More
  18. Big Planet Comics Blue

    Big Planet Comics Blue


    An anthology from the Washington DC comic book store Big Planet Comics featuring local artists as well as some other favorites. Learn More
  19. Powerman



    Box Brown is one of our favorite cartoonists out there today, and not just because he loves Vonnegut too. His previous works, from An Entity Observes All Things to Andre the Giant to Everything Dies all touch on the big themes of life, and his new work is no different. Learn More

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