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  1. Freak Scene

    Freak Scene


    The New Freak Champions Of Underground Comix. Learn More
  2. Marvel Premiere #28

    Marvel Premiere #28


    Pages drawn at random from a single, monster focused issue of Marvel Premiere #28. Featuring Ghost Rider, Werewolf By Night, Man-Thing, Morbius, and hew who is called Starseed. Learn More
  3. Suspect Device

    Suspect Device #1


    Out of stock

    This book may be suspect. It uses a device. A series of Nancy comics parodies. Learn More
  4. Marvel Comics Presents #6

    Marvel Comics Presents #6


    A parody anthology with takes on ROM and friends, Warlock, Man-Thing, and more. Snuff said. Learn More
  5. Raw Power #1

    Raw Power #1


    Josh Bayer cannot be contained in the standard 32 page zine-sized Retrofit comic! RAW POWER is a KING SIZED 48 page comic featuring G. Gordon Liddy, Cat-man and Punk Rock. Learn More
  6. ROM #1

    ROM Comic


    A parody of ROM. Learn More
  7. The Unforgiving Blade of Conon

    The Unforgiving Blade of Conon


    Non-stop emotional roller coaster with gore and lizard monsters. Learn More
  8. Transformer



    Sylvester Stallone is working on Expendables 3. Learn More
  9. Galactic Breakdown #5

    Galactic Breakdown #5 Part 1


    The twisted saga of ROIDS continues... Learn More
  10. Hand Of Blood

    Hand Of Blood


    Nixon returns to demonstrate he is UnFuckWithable in another Suspect Device-style riff on out of context Annie panels. Learn More
  11. Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #2

    Henry And Glenn Forever And Ever #2


    It’s the moment the world has been waiting for: the return of everyone’s favorite musclebound punk/metal romantic odd couple, Henry and Glenn. Learn More
  12. Mutant #4

    Mutant #4


    Atomic Books put together this anthology comic to celebrate Free Comic Book Day (May 4) 2013! Learn More
  13. Raw Power #2

    Raw Power #2


    Set your trigger-warnings to medium-high and look out! Learn More
  14. All-Star Mutherfuckin' Roids!

    All-Star Mutherfuckin' Roids!


    A collection of pin-ups from the series Galactic Breakdown. Learn More
  15. Galactic Breakdown #5, Part 2

    Galactic Breakdown #5 Part 2


    The stoopid ass saga of Roids comes to a head in this awesome installment of this beloved moronic action series! Learn More
  16. Suspect Device #4

    Suspect Device #4


    Violence, nudity, freaky representations of classic cartoon characters... Suspect Device has it all! Learn More
  17. Smoke Signal #18

    Smoke Signal #18


    A comics anthology from Brooklyn's beloved Desert Island Comics. Learn More
  18. Screwjob



    A new comics anthology devoted to those glorious combatants within the squared circle: the professional wrestler! Learn More
  19. Smoke Signal #20

    Smoke Signal #20


    Smoke Signal #20 is a special issue co-edited by Alex Spiro of Nobrow and Gabe Fowler of Desert Island. The entire issue is printed in blue and red spot colors, making it a very distinctive and beautiful issue. Learn More
  20. Smoke Signal #19

    Smoke Signal #19


    A comics anthology from Brooklyn's beloved Desert Island Comics. Learn More

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