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  1. Doctors



    This new graphic novel from acclaimed cartoonist Dash Shaw (Bottomless Belly Button, BodyWorld, New School) is his most taut book to date. Learn More
  2. Cosplayers #2

    Cosplayers #2: Tezukon


    The "Cosplayers" chronicle continues as Annie and Verti attend the 3-day anime convention "Tezukon." Learn More
  3. Cosplayers #1

    Cosplayers #1


    Annie and Verti are two teen cosplayers with too much time on their hands. Annie wants to act, and Verti wants to be a photographer/filmmaker. Learn More
  4. New Jobs

    New Jobs


    A new minicomic by cartoonist and animator Dash Shaw (New School, Seraph, BodyWorld, Bottomless Belly Button) printed in an edition of 500 copies. Learn More
  5. 3 New Stories

    3 New Stories - SIGNED


    This one-shot comic book features three all-new, full-color short stories that explore varied dystopian societies. Learn More
  6. New School

    New School


    In this brand new graphic novel from the acclaimed author of Bottomless Belly Button and BodyWorld, Dash Shaw dramatizes the story of a boy moving to an exotic country and his infatuation with an unfamiliar culture that quickly shifts to disillusionment. A sense of "being different" grows to alienation, until he angrily blames this once-enchanting land for his feelings of isolation. Learn More
  7. Seriously Comics

    Seriously Comics


    One Free Copy With Any Online Order of $20 or more. Please, only 1 free item per order. Don't be a Greedy Gus! Substitutions may occur. Learn More
  8. Bodyworld

    Bodyworld - SIGNED!


    An Eisner Award-nominee! Fifty years from now, a devastating civil war has left the country in shambles. Learn More
  9. Strange Tales II

    Strange Tales II


    The critically acclaimed indie anthology returns as the best, most exciting cartoonists working today re-imagine Marvel's greatest characters! Get excited, folks. Learn More
  10. The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D.

    Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D.


    One part MOME collection, one part authorized IFC Channel spinoff, the first quarter of this jacketed hardcover collects the work — storyboards, scripts, character designs, etc. — that Shaw has created for a series of original shorts for The latter 3/4ths collect his acclaimed short stories from MOME, as well as several little-seen stories from elsewhere, and a new 20 page story. Learn More
  11. Strange Tales

    Strange Tales


    Comics' most cutting-edge creators Make Theirs Marvel! Learn More

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