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  1. Curveball



    Curveball is a science fiction graphic novel telling the story of a waiter named Avery coping with the ending of a difficult relationship. Learn More
  2. 101 Artists To Listen To Before You Die

    101 Artists To Listen To Before You Die


    A personal journey filled with hilarious anecdotes through the history of music, at the hand of one of Spain’s most internationally renowned illustrators. Learn More
  3. Fantasy Sports Vol. 1

    Fantasy Sports Volume 1


    In Sam Bosma's debut graphic novel, a young explorer and her musclebound friend go treasure hunting in a mummy's tomb—but if they want to get rich, they're going to have to best the mummy in a game of hoops! Learn More
  4. Eventually Everything Connects

    Eventually Everything Connects


    How is Alfred Hitchcock connected to Charles and Ray Eames, or famed premier model Peggy Moffitt and actor Steve McQueen? Learn More
  5. Robert Moses: The Masterbuilder Of New York City

    Robert Moses: The Master Builder Of New York City


    The achievements of one man changed the the face of an entire city. Robert Moses: the mastermind of New York. Learn More
  6. Behold The Dinosaurs And Some Non-Dinosaurs

    Behold The Dinosaurs And Some Non-Dinosaurs


    Can you name 101 dinosaurs off the top of your head? Learn More
  7. Art Schooled

    Art Schooled


    From the pastures of the country to the pavements of the big city; Art Schooled is an unforgettable journey into adulthood. Learn More
  8. In A Sense Lost And Found

    In A Sense Lost And Found


    What if you woke up and your innocence had gone missing? That's just what happened to one young woman. Learn More
  9. Moonhead And The Music Machine

    Moonhead And The Music Machine


    Life's a peach when you've got a moon for a head and your head's in space. Learn More
  10. Forming Vol. 2

    Forming Volume 2


    Civilization, but not quite as we know it, has started to take shape. And now, in the continuing chaos, the world and most of its inhabitants have brandished their swords and, in various fashions, have charged onto the battlefield. Learn More
  11. Hilda And The Troll

    Hilda And The Troll


    A new edition of Hilda's first magical adventure in the land of Trolberg, by British Comic Award winner Luke Pearson. Learn More
  12. Neurocomic



    Do you know what your brain is made of? How does memory function? What is a neuron and how does it work? For that matter what's a comic? And in the words of Lewis Carroll's famous caterpillar: "Who are you?" Learn More
  13. Destination X

    Destination X


    Sam is the grandson of a world-renowned space adventurer. Learn More
  14. A Graphic Cosmogony

    A Graphic Cosmogony


    24 artists tackle creation in seven pages each—each one attempting to answer the perennial question: "How did we get here?" Learn More
  15. The Bento Bestiary

    The Bento Bestiary


    Out of stock

    In the eighteenth century, Japanese artist Toriyama Sekien depicted each spirit of the Yokai tradition, an ancient race of demons whose descendants, Godzilla and Mothra, would later terrorize the earth. Learn More
  16. People I've Never Met And Conversations I've Never Had

    People I've Never Met And Conversations I've Never Had


    Collages of vintage magazine cuttings and found materials create surreal, humorous imagery that evokes nostalgia for the golden years of printed ephemera. Learn More
  17. Quodlibet



    Inspired by the late, great Georges Perec, who is famous for writing a book whose sole subject was the letter E, illustrator Katja Spitzer and freelance writer Sebastian Gievert teamed up to tackle the letter Q. Learn More
  18. Evertying We Miss

    Everything We Miss


    On the dawn horizon, a pine tree all too briefly uproots itself. It dances . . . and nobody sees. The low drone of the car's engine is heard and ignored from sleepy bedroom windows for miles around. Learn More
  19. Fight! #1

    Fight! #1


    Known by hundreds of expectant fans as the malevolent "Diablo," Lou is a professional wrestler at the pinnacle of his career. Learn More
  20. Fight! #2

    Fight! #2


    Professional wrestler Diablo longs to play the hero. Easier said than done when you have red skin and horns! Learn More
  21. Megaskull



    Megaskull is part of Nobrow's Serial Box series encouraging new talent to explore narratives, worlds, and characters across bi-annually published comic books. Learn More
  22. 17 x 23 Showcase Vol. 1

    17 x 23 Showcase Volume 1


    The first anthology of its kind in the UK, the 17x23 Showcase will feature the best up and comers on the UK comics scene, giving them each 10 pages to spin their yarns. Learn More
  23. Leeroy and Popo

    Adventures Of Leeroy And Popo


    Come hang out with slackers Leeroy (a bear) and Popo (a dinosaur) as they get high, try to get laid, play too much Nintendo, and avoid anything that might be construed as work. Learn More
  24. Birchfield Close

    Birchfield Close


    In his first graphic novella, Jon McNaught captures the beauty and peacefulness of our childhood neighborhoods and transports us back to those clear evenings dotted with pink fluffy clouds and the sound of silence we have come to yearn for after years of living in the bustle of the city. Learn More
  25. Hilda and the Midnight Giant

    Hilda and the Midnight Giant


    In Hilda and the Midnight Giant, our protagonist finds her world turned upside down as she faces the prospect of leaving her snow-capped birthplace for the hum of the megalopolis, where her mother (an architect) has been offered a prestigious job. Learn More

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