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  1. Skin Deep

    Skin Deep


    Charles Burns is the creator of the landmark horror graphic novel Black Hole (in development as a major motion picture directed by David Fincher as of this writing). Learn More
  2. Snake Eyes #3

    Snake Eyes #3


    Pictures and Words for Grown-Up Gentlemen and Ladies. Learn More
  3. Freaks Amour (back cover)

    Freaks Amour


    Based on Tom DeHaven's acclaimed cult novel, one of comics' most powerful horror stories returns! Learn More
  4. Black Hole Collected

    Black Hole Collected


    This stark and powerful graphic novel - set in suburban Seattle in the mid-'70s - is a horror tale unlike anything you've ever seen. Learn More
  5. Big Baby

    Big Baby


    Big Baby collects, for the very first time, all of Burns's BIG BABY stories in one handy collection, in glorious and oversized black and white. Learn More
  6. El Borbah

    El Borbah


    Meet El Borbah, a 400 pound private eye who wears Mexican wrestler's tights and an eerie mask. Learn More
  7. X'ed Out

    X'ed Out


    From the creator of Black Hole: the first volume of an epic masterpiece of graphic fiction in brilliant color. Learn More

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