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  1. Do I Come Here Often?

    Do I Come Here Often? (Black Coffee Blues Part 2)


    Rollins intimately documents the vicissitudes of travel and shares stories of the many interesting people he's met along the way. Learn More
  2. Henry Rollins

    Henry Rollins


    These interviews with Henry Rollins conducted by RE/Search (and Search & Destroy) founder V. Vale focus on Henry's travels -- often to countries considered dangerous and off-limits. Learn More
  3. Punk Rock: An Oral History

    Punk Rock: An Oral History


    With its own fashion, culture, and chaotic energy, punk rock boasted a do-it-yourself ethos that allowed anyone to take part. Learn More
  4. A Preferred Blur

    A Preferred Blur: Reflections, Inspections, and Travel in All Directions


    A Preferred Blur picks up where 2006's A Dull Roar left off, chronicling the effects of a self-inflicted schedule designed to reduce sleep, over stimulate to the point of stupor and induce a case of nervous exhaustion. Learn More
  5. Roomanitarian



    Henry Rollins returns to the combative prose that has won him critical acclaim and a legion of devoted fans. Learn More
  6. Eye Scream

    Eye Scream


    'I got it from you. Your headlines and head lies. Your hate mail and red tag fire sales. Your justice and your jails.' Learn More
  7. Black Coffee Blues

    Black Coffee Blues


    Considered by many to be the 'classic' Rollins book. Learn More
  8. Spray Paint the Walls

    Spray Paint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag


    They were the pioneers of American hardcore, forming in California in 1978 and splitting up 8 years later leaving behind them a trail of blood, carnage and brutal, brilliant music. Throughout the years they fought with the police, record industry and their own fans. Learn More
  9. Portable Henry Rollins

    Portable Henry Rollins


    A Rollins reader. Learn More

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