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  1. Donkey Punch Comics #3

    Donkey Punch Comics #3


    Depressing, vulgar, pretentious and inane... the world of Pedestrian Press is all this and more! Learn More
  2. Xerography Debt #25

    Xerography Debt #25


    Out of stock

    The Review Zine With Per-Zine Tendencies. Learn More
  3. Crush Zine

    Crush Zine


    Out of stock

    A compilation of crush stories. Learn More
  4. Not My Small Diary #15 (both volumes)

    Not My Small Diary #15


    Out of stock

    140 pages of autobiographical comics with the theme "15 Minutes of Fame: Brushes With Celebrity". Learn More
  5. I Keee You!!

    I Keee You!! A Collection Of Overheards


    A collection of overheard snippets of conversations illustrated by many of the finest indie comics illustrators. Learn More
  6. Not My Small Diary #14 (vol. 1 & 2)

    Not My Small Diary #14


    Out of stock

    Inside these 2 volumes you will find auto-bio comics dealing with the theme of romance/dating. Learn More
  7. Syndicate Product #15
  8. Not My Small Diary #16

    Not My Small Diary #16


    160 pages of autobiographical comics about Transportation. Learn More
  9. Syndicate Product #20

    Syndicate Product #20: Meta Comics Issue


    In this Meta-Comics issue, contributors write and draw about what goes into making their comics, why they read comics, creating comics as a form of therapy, trying to adapt favorite novels into comics, favorite creators and long lost characters and imprints, memories of first comic books and dusty comic book stores, some favorite writers and artists, comics used as comfort during childhood (and adulthood), and finally reading those “racy” comics that they peeped at as a teen but never actually purchased. Learn More
  10. Not My Small Diary #17

    Not My Small Diary #17


    A high school-themed anthology, containing 55 artists and writers. Learn More
  11. I Am My Own Stereotype

    I Am My Own Stereotype: The My Small Diary Collection


    A compilation book of diary comics from 1993 to the present. Learn More
  12. Cringe

    Cringe: An Anthology Of Embarrassment


    Cringe: An Anthology of Embarrassment collects over twenty stories of personal humiliation, shame, and awkwardness from a variety of indie cartoonists. Learn More
  13. Not My Small Diary #18

    Not My Small Diary #18


    “Not My Small Diary” is an autobio comics anthology that started in 1996 and is still going strong today. Learn More
  14. What's Your Sign, Girl?

    What's Your Sign Girl


    Most people can say what sign of the zodiac they are, whether or not they know what the sign means or even believe in astrology. But the twelve alt-cartoonists in “What’s Your Sign, Girl?” have something to say about their locations on the zodiacal calendar. Learn More

14 Item(s)

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