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  1. Little Tommy Lost Book 1

    Little Tommy Lost: Book 1


    Separated from his parents on a trip to the big city, a lost little boy unknowingly sets out on a great adventure as he searches for a way home in Little Tommy Lost: Book One. Learn More
  2. Rivers Forgotten

    Rivers Forgotten


    Rivers Forgotten is a journey through the passages and portals of the underground waterways that lie unseen below cities. Learn More
  3. WunderKammer #1

    WunderKammer #1


    Nicholas Di Genova is an artist living and working in Toronto, Canada. Wunderkammer Nº 1 is the first in a series of books depicting Nicholas's pen and ink drawings on paper. Learn More
  4. Spirit City Toront

    Spirit City Toronto


    Out of stock

    Spirit City Toronto, the debut book from illustrator Aaron Leighton, combines illustration and photography to depict a variety of homeless nature spirits who, having lost their forests and streams, are forced to live in the forgotten corners of the city. Learn More
  5. Fata Morgana

    Fata Morgana


    Fata Morgana follows the adventure of a young boy through the landscapes of his imagination. He encounters and befriends creatures that are, like all mirages, born out of aspects of his own unconscious. Presented in vibrantly colored two-page panoramas, Fata Morgana is a feast for the eyes and mind. Learn More
  6. Baba Yaga & The Wolf

    Baba Yaga And The Wolf


    Out of stock

    Visually influenced by the dense forested landscape of British Columbia, Baba Yaga and the Wolf tells the story of Katerina, the journey she takes to the edge of the Underworld to save her husband from a terrible fate, and its gatekeeper, Baba Yaga. Learn More
  7. A Very Kraftwerk Summer

    A Very Kraftwerk Summer


    Out of stock

    The story is a memoir of a lazy summer spent with the boys from K-werk. The journey takes the posse from the mall, to the soccer pitch and beyond. Learn More
  8. Milky Way Shuffle

    Milky Way Shuffle


    Out of stock

    A mini comic by Elio. Learn More
  9. Journal

    Journal (Julie Delporte)


    Journal displays Julie Delporte’s organic and immediate drawings that utilize an uncanny sense of colour and composition to illustrate their intimate, diarist narratives. Learn More
  10. The Big Team Society League Book of Answers

    The Big Team Society League Book of Answers


    The Big Team Society League Book of Answers by Toronto jam comics collective Team Society League (Aaron Costain, John Martz, Steve Wolfhard, and Zach Worton) is an absurd blend of priapic comic pantomimes that feature an adorable cast of characters doing abominable things. Learn More
  11. Cat Dad King Of The Goblins

    Cat Dad King Of The Goblins


    Like visiting Narnia with a sugar rush. Learn More
  12. Lose #3

    Lose #3


    A new self-contained issue in Michael DeForge's one-man anthology series. In the issue's main story, "Dogs 2070," screenwriter Stephen tries to reconnect with his ex-wife and son in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Learn More
  13. Everything Takes Forever

    Everything Takes Forever


    Manhattan-born and based Victor Kerlow’s Everything Takes Forever, is a collection of the cartoonist and illustrator’s ink-and-wash comics that blur the quotidian with the absurd. Learn More
  14. Cat Rackham Loses It!

    Cat Rackham Loses It!


    Out of stock

    Cat Rackham lives in the wilderness but he isn't very good at it. Is he too self-involved to listen to his natural instincts? Did he go into the wild to escape himself? Was he once a human being? We will never know the answers to these questions. Learn More
  15. Monster Party

    Monster Party


    Oscar is in big trouble! Learn More
  16. Jesse Wars Here

    Jesse Wars Here


    Jesse Harris is a Toronto-based artist working within a distinctly statement-oriented form of art practice. Often adapting readily available materials and familiar forms and language, Harris creates art that quips at authoritarian notions while promoting the energy, attitude, and responsibilities of do-it-yourself and grassroots counter cultures. Learn More
  17. The LEPOS Bible

    The LEPOS Bible


    The LEPOS Bible follows Diego Bergia’s worldwide street art project that began back in 2004. The 66 page pocket sized book is packed with street photos, testimonials, writings, comics, sketches and jail stories. Learn More
  18. Grey Supreme #1

    Grey Supreme #1


    GREY SUPREME is a print-based “project platform”, a way to collect experiments with image, text and hybrid forms. Learn More
  19. The World Of Gloria Badcock #1

    The World Of Gloria Badcock #1


    Last seen in 1997′s Vellevision collection, Maurice Vellekoop’s sexual adventuress had disappeared from view, gone but not forgotten… until now! Learn More
  20. Color Me Busy

    Colour Me Busy


    A Colouring Book by Keith Jones. Learn More
  21. Blobby Boys

    Blobby Boys


    Blobby Boys is a hilarious and slime-filled comic about pot smoking blobby bandmates who are equal parts Ninja Turtles and punks. Learn More
  22. Wowee Zonk #4

    Wowee Zonk #4


    Created and edited by Toronto-based artists Patrick Kyle, Ginette Lapalme and Chris Kuzma, Wowee Zonk has been a champion of unconventional comics work and Canadian content from its inception as a hand-printed zine in 2007. Learn More
  23. Lose #4

    Lose #4


    The fourth installment of Michael DeForge’s award-winning, one-artist anthology series Lose is another genre-defying mix of visual styles and cartooning. Learn More
  24. The Infinite Wait And Other Stories

    Infinite Wait and Other Stories


    The Infinite Wait and Other Stories is latest book from Julia Wertz, the critically acclaimed author of The Fart Party Vols. 1 and 2 ( Atomic Books, 2007 and 2009) and Drinking at the Movies (Random House, 2010). Learn More
  25. Diary Comics #3

    Diary Comics #3


    Out of stock

    The third and (so far) best volume of the extraordinarily self-involved series of Diary Comics by Dustin Harbin, and published by Koyama Press. Learn More

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