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  1. In A Glass Grotesquely

    In A Glass Grotesquely


    The latest book from the author of The Hidden and Delphine contains the epic 115-page tale of a modern master-criminal. Learn More
  2. Zero Zero #2

    Zero Zero #2


    The second issue of Fantagraphics' anthology series. Learn More
  3. Urban Legends #1

    Urban Legends #1


    Out of stock

    This talent-packed humor anthology brings to life all of those gloriously twisted tales that could only have happened to your sister's boyfriend's brother! Learn More
  4. Delphine



    A mysterious traveler gets off the train in a small village surrounded by a thick sinister forest. He is searching for Delphine, who vanished with only a scrawled-out address on a scrap of paper as a trace. Learn More
  5. Cat Burglar Black

    Cat Burglar Black


    K. Westree: Teen Cat Burglar! When K. Westree arrives at Bellsong Academy, she thinks she's left her cat-burgling past behind her. But K. soon discovers the school has a mystery of its own, a hidden treasure left behind by its founder, and she's the only one who has a hope of finding it. Learn More
  6. Big Book of Horror cover

    Big Book Of Horror


    Collected together for the first time are the original Little Book of Horror stories.ber 3 Learn More
  7. Beasts! Book 1

    Beasts! Book 1


    Beasts is a classic mythological menagerie comprised of creatures that were thought at one time to actually exist, depicted by about a hundred of the most acclaimed artists and cartoonists coming from the most avant-garde ambits of the art world. Learn More
  8. The Hidden

    The Hidden


    After a mysterious worldwide catastrophe, a group of survivors come together at the only intact structure for miles around — an abandoned trading post/rest stop. Learn More
  9. Mad Night

    Mad Night


    For those who always thought the animated introductions to PBS's Mystery! series were cooler than the actual shows themselves, Richard Sala's marvelously dark and stormy novel-length thrillers are just the ticket. Learn More

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