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  1. Crickets #5

    Crickets #5


    The acclaimed series continues with another chapter of the ongoing serial, Blood of the Virgin, and an appearance by The Blobby Boys! Learn More
  2. Crickets #4

    Crickets #4


    Award winning creator Sammy Harkham (Kramers Ergot, Poor Sailor, Everything Together) returns with another all new giant chapter of his acclaimed long form strip, Blood of the Virgin. Learn More
  3. Kramers Ergot Volume 9

    Kramers Ergot Volume 9


    Powerful and impulsive cartooning of the highest caliber still exists in the short form; you just have to look. Learn More
  4. Mould Map #3

    Mould Map #3


    Out of stock

    New comics and narrative art publication. Learn More
  5. Insect Bath #1

    Insect Bath #1


    Out of the nihilist inkwell and printed in poison! Meet the finest in new cosmic horror! Learn More
  6. Kramers Ergot Volume 8

    Kramers Ergot Volume 8


    Out of stock

    Kramers Ergot is the premier comics anthology of the twenty-first century. Since its inception in 2000, it has revolutionized the medium, introducing new talents, solidifying aesthetics and standing as a state-of-the-medium book. Learn More
  7. Crickets #3

    Crickets #3


    Out of stock

    Crickets #3 dedicates the bulk of its oversized pages to the first part of a new story, "Blood of the Virgin," which tracks the upside down world of exploitation movie making in Los Angeles in the early seventies through the eyes of an ambitious young film editor who catches a big break. Learn More
  8. Best American Comics 2007

    Best American Comics 2007


    The latest volume in Houghton-Mifflin's ground-breaking series! Learn More



    Out of stock

    Writer, artist, musician and prolific zine-maker Trinie Dalton has said of her work, 'The idea of introducing and contextualizing artists by hanging their art on the same wall is a fundamental one in the art world. To me, my zines are literary/art/music history anthologies, following the group-show or salon style. They're like parties on paper, and I want to be an exquisite host.' Learn More
  10. Beasts! Book 1

    Beasts! Book 1


    Beasts is a classic mythological menagerie comprised of creatures that were thought at one time to actually exist, depicted by about a hundred of the most acclaimed artists and cartoonists coming from the most avant-garde ambits of the art world. Learn More
  11. Inkstuds



    Inkstuds is a collection of thirty interviews with North American cartoonists taken from the impressive archive that Robin McConnell has built up over the past 5 years on his radio show of the same name. Learn More
  12. Kramers Ergot Volume 5

    Kramers Ergot Volume 5


    Out of stock

    Comics are a vital, important art form, and Kramers Ergot is the book that puts the movement in perspective within the context of modern art, literature, and graphic design. Learn More
  13. Stincker Packs

    Stinckers 3-Packs


    3 Stickers! Printed by hand in the USA by Stinckers. Each pack contains stickers by 3 different Stinckers Artists. Durable. Stick anywhere! Learn More
  14. Kramers Ergot Volume 7

    Kramers Ergot Volume 7


    Out of stock

    Kramers Ergot, the most influential and acclaimed anthology of the past decade, returns in its seventh volume as a gigantic full-color 16 x 21 inch (that's bigger than a full page from your daily newspaper) hardcover! Learn More
  15. Kramer's Ergot Volume 6

    Kramers Ergot Volume 6


    Out of stock

    KRAMER'S ERGOT is a cutting-edge alternative anthology of short stories by a wide variety of artists mixing heavyweights, progressive artists, and exciting newcomers from around the world. Learn More
  16. Crickets #1

    Crickets #1


    Out of stock

    As editor of the ground-breaking Kramers Ergot and cartoonist behind the acclaimed Poor Sailor, Sammy Harkham is one of the most exciting new talents to have emerged in recent years. Learn More

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