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  1. Building Stories Print

    Building Stories Print - SIGNED


    Created by Chris Ware especially for Independent Bookstore Day: a wordless print about reading, parenting, and education consisting of images from his award-winning Building: Stories. Learn More
  2. McSweeney's #7

    McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Volume 07


    Out of stock

    The seventh edition of this American literary quarterly includes stories by nine authors. Learn More
  3. Multi-Story Building Model

    Multi-Story Building Model


    Out of stock

    Sure to one day be a collector's item when flammable tinder is at a premium, be prepared to start your post-apocalyptic campfire now with this 13 sheet collection of dry technical drawings, paper thin walls and cramped psychological spaces. Learn More
  4. Best American Comics 2012

    Best American Comics 2012


    The Best American Comics showcases the work of both established and up-and-coming contributors. Learn More
  5. Building Stories

    Building Stories


    After years of sporadic work on other books and projects and following the almost complete loss of his virility, it's here: a new graphic novel by Chris Ware. Learn More
  6. Krazy And Ignatz: 1922-1924

    Krazy And Ignatz Volume Volume 13: At Last My Drim of Love Has Come True 1922-1924


    Krazy Kat, with its eternally beguiling love triangle of kat/dog/mouse, its fantastically inventive language, and its haunting, minimalist desert décor, has consistently been rated the best comic strip ever created, and Fantagraphics’ award-winning series one of the best classic comic-strip reprint series ever published. Learn More
  7. Krazy & Ignatz: The Complete Sunday Strips 1916-1924

    Krazy And Ignatz: The Complete Sunday Strips 1916-1924


    Our final limited-edition deluxe Krazy hardcover (it's Volume 1, but the third to be published) collects the three Krazy & Ignatz softcover books which comprehensively compile the first nine years (1916 through 1924) of Krazy Kat Sunday strips, under hard covers. It's not a slipcase, it's a single hardcover book. Learn More
  8. Snake Eyes #3

    Snake Eyes #3


    Pictures and Words for Grown-Up Gentlemen and Ladies. Learn More
  9. Duplex Planet Illustrated #1

    Duplex Planet Illustrated #2


    Out of stock

    Comics based on the zine DUPLEX PLANET. Learn More
  10. Zero Zero #16

    Zero Zero #16

    Regular Price: $5.95

    Special Price: $3.95

    Out of stock

    Special second anniversary issue. Learn More
  11. Krazy And Ignatz: 1919-1921

    Krazy And Ignatz Volume Volume 12: A Kind, Benevolent and Amiable Brick 1919-1921


    As Fantagraphics’ ambitious plan to reprint every single Sunday Krazy Kat page created by George Herriman for close to three decades (this being the penultimate book) careens toward the finish line, this volume features another three years’ worth of Sunday strips — over 150 little masterpieces by the greatest cartoonist of all time, featuring the greatest comic-strip love triangle of all time: “kat,” “mice” and “pupp.” Each page is a hilarious, poetic masterpiece crackling with verbal wit and graphic brilliance. Those were the days…! Learn More
  12. Best American Comics 2010

    Best American Comics 2010


    Out of stock

    The Best American Comics showcases the work of both established and up-and-coming contributors. Learn More
  13. Krazy And Ignatz Volume 11

    Krazy And Ignatz Volume Volume 11: Love in a Kestle or Love in a Hut 1916-1918


    When Fantagraphics launched our collection of Krazy Kat Sunday strips back in 2002, we picked up with the 10th and 11th years of the legendary strip (1925-1926) because another publisher had already collected the first nine during the 1980s and 1990s. Learn More
  14. Best American Comics 2007

    Best American Comics 2007


    The latest volume in Houghton-Mifflin's ground-breaking series! Learn More
  15. The Comics of Chris Ware

    The Comics Of Chris Ware: Drawing Is A Way Of Thinking


    An assessment of the achievement and aesthetic of one of America's brightest comics innovators. Learn More
  16. Acme Novelty Datebook Volume 2

    Acme Novelty Datebook Volume 2


    Straggling behind the mild 2003 success of cartoonist Chris Ware's first facsimile collection of his miscellaneous sketches, notes, and adolescent fantasies arrives. Learn More
  17. Krazy And Ignatz Volume 9

    Krazy And Ignatz Volume 9: A Ragout Of Raspberries 1941-1942


    Continuing the award-winning Krazy Kat Sunday reprints. Learn More
  18. McSweeney's #33

    McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Volume 33: The San Francisco Panorama


    Out of stock

    Issue 33 of McSweeney’s Quarterly will be a one-time only, Sunday-edition-sized newspaper—the San Francisco Panorama. Learn More
  19. Krazy And Ignatz Volume 10

    Krazy And Ignatz Volume 10: He Nods In Quiescent Siesta 1943-1944


    Krazy and Ignatz 1943-1944 covers the last two years of Herriman's master-piece. With this volume, Fantagraphics and its precursor Eclipse will have reprinted the entire 29-year run of the Krazy Kat Sundays! Learn More
  20. Candide: Or, Optimism (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) cover

    Candide: Or, Optimism (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)


    One of Western literature's most glorious and incisive satires - now in a brilliant new translation with phenomenal cover art by legendary comic artist Chris Ware! Learn More
  21. Chris Ware: Paper Musician

    Chris Ware: Paper Musician


    Out of stock

    A cartoonist’s appreciation of Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan, The Acme Novelty Library) and his multifaceted approach to comics. Learn More
  22. ACME Novelty Library #19

    ACME Novelty Library #19


    Out of stock

    The penultimate teen issue of the ACME Novelty Library - with a new chapter from the electrifying experimental narrative 'Rusty Brown,' which examines the life, work, and teaching techniques of one of its central real-life protagonists, W. K. Brown. Learn More
  23. The Rest Is Up to You

    The Rest Is Up to You: A Collaboration Between 118 Artists and a Boy Named Cohen Morano


    Out of stock

    Like many kids, third grader Cohen Morano likes to watercolor. What's different about Cohen's paintings is that his father, Aye Jay, sends them out into the world to be embellished and altered by a stellar roster of artists and illustrators. Learn More
  24. ACME Novelty Library

    ACME Novelty Library


    F. C. Ware returns to the book trade with The ACME Novelty Library, a hardcover distillation of all his surviving one-page cartoon jokes with which he tuckpointed the holes of his regular comic book periodical over the past decade. Learn More
  25. Krazy And Ignatz Volume 6

    Krazy And Ignatz Volume 6: A Wild Warmth Of Chromatic Gravy 1935-1936


    And now, starting with the 6th volume the Krazy Kat reprint series, finally it's time for ... color! Learn More

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