Some folks like to call 'em graphic novels, some call 'em funny books. Some folks like to spell it comix. We just call them comics.

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  1. The Wrenchies



    Sherwood and Orson should never have gone into that cave. Learn More
  2. Wowee Zonk #4

    Wowee Zonk #4


    Created and edited by Toronto-based artists Patrick Kyle, Ginette Lapalme and Chris Kuzma, Wowee Zonk has been a champion of unconventional comics work and Canadian content from its inception as a hand-printed zine in 2007. Learn More
  3. Worst Of Eerie Publications

    Worst of Eerie Publications


    Collected for the first time in a deluxe edition are the comics that deserve it the least: the infamous Eerie Publications' horror comics! Learn More
  4. Worst Behaviour

    Worst Behaviour: A New Megg, Mogg And Owl Adventure


    A brand new book from Simon Hanselmann, the cartoonist behind The New York Times best-selling graphic novel, Megahex! Worst Behaviour is an all-new, book-length story featuring Megg, Mogg, and Owl in their longest comics adventure yet! Learn More
  5. Wormdye



    Eamon Espey's Wormdye is a collection of interwoven tales that deftly illustrate the fever-pitched anxiety of modern life. Learn More
  6. World War Robot 2

    World War Robot 2


    Planet-spanning robot war. Learn More
  7. World War 3 Illustrated: 1979-2014

    World War 3 Illustrated: 1979-2014


    Founded in 1979 by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper, World War 3 Illustrated is a collective of first-time and professional artists who use confrontational comics to shine a little reality on the fantasy world of the American kleptocracy. Learn More
  8. Workburger



    The Workburger International Comics Anthology features stories from 50 world-renowned artisans of the comics medium. Learn More
  9. Words For Pictures

    Words for Pictures: The Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels


    Best-selling Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis reveals the comic book writing secrets behind his work on The Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, All-New X-Men, and more. Learn More
  10. Woodword: Wallace Wood 1927-1981

    Woodwork: Wallace Wood 1927-1981


    Wally Wood is one of the most celebrated comic artists of all time. Learn More
  11. Woods Vol. 2

    Woods Volume 2


    On October 16, 2013, 437 students, 52 teachers, and 24 additional staff from Bay Point Preparatory High School in suburban Milwaukee, WI vanished without a trace, finding themselves countless light years away in the middle of an ancient, primordial wilderness. Learn More
  12. Woods Vol. 1

    Woods Volume 1


    As fans of James Tynion IV's work in the Batman universe (BATMAN ETERNAL, RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS), we were eager to publish his first original comic series. THE WOODS gives us that same eerie, smalltown horror feel we get whenever we read a Stephen King novel. Learn More
  13. Wonton Soup

    Wonton Soup


    James Stokoe's crazy space trucker cooking epic returns to print bigger and badder than ever before! Learn More
  14. Wonder Woman Vol. 6

    Wonder Woman Volume 6: Bones


    In this final WONDER WOMAN volume by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, Olympus must fall and its rightful ruler must be restored. Learn More
  15. Wonder Woman Vol. 5

    Wonder Woman Volume 5: Flesh


    Wonder Woman's life is changed when she is called on to take the place of War! Learn More
  16. Wonder Woman Vol. 4

    Wonder Woman Volume 4: War


    Wonder Woman's world is shocked to its core when her eldest brother, the First Born, is freed from his slumber. Learn More
  17. Wonder Woman Vol. 3 (trade paperback)

    Wonder Woman Volume 3: Iron


    In these stories from issues #0 and #13-18, a terrible betrayal forces Wonder Woman to make a deal with the gods who want her dead, and her "family" grows larger than she could have imagined. Learn More
  18. Wonder Woman Volume 2

    Wonder Woman Volume 2: Guts


    Wonder Woman goes to hell! After playing Poseidon, Hades, and Hera against each other, Hades strikes back by kidnapping Zola and trapping her in the Underworld. Learn More
  19. Wonder Woman Vol. 1

    Wonder Woman Volume 1: Blood


    The first six issues of the critically acclaimed new WONDER WOMAN series are collected here! Learn More
  20. Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story

    Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story


    The alternative-comics master offers an indelible and idiosyncratic take on the protofeminist Learn More
  21. Wolverine: Tales Of Weapon X

    Wolverine: Tales Of Weapon X


    Collecting six action-packed tales from Wolverine's mysterious past! Learn More
  22. Wolverine: Old Man Logan

    Wolverine: Old Man Logan


    Millar. McNiven. Wolverine. It doesn't get any better than this. Learn More
  23. Wolverine Noir

    Wolverine Noir


    Jim Logan - of the Logan & Logan Detective Agency - is the best there is at what he does. And Mariko Yashida knows that. Learn More
  24. Wolverine Epic Collection: Madripoor Nights

    Wolverine Epic Collection: Madripoor Nights


    He's the best there is at what he does - but what he does isn't very nice. Learn More
  25. Wolverine

    Wolverine by Claremont And Miller


    Wolverine's vacation from the X-Men is interrupted when he discovers that his beloved, Mariko Yashida, has been married off by her criminal father Lord Shingen! Learn More

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