Do-it-yourself books, guides, self-help books, and manuals. From crafting to counter-culture to just plain bizarre.

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  1. Make A Zine (Microcosm)

    Make A Zine: When Words And Graphics Collide


    Ask anyone who works for a magazine - it's a job. Ask anyone who works on their zine - it's a passion. This book is a starting point for launching your own zine and joining the burgeoning zine movement. Learn More
  2. Make It Last

    Make It Last: Prolonging And Preserving the Things We Love


    A spiritual sequel to the do-it-yourself handbook Make Your Place, this is a practical guide to prolonging the lives of cherished items in the home. Learn More
  3. Make Your Place

    Make Your Place: Affordable And Sustainable Nesting Skills


    Raleigh Briggs teaches us how to craft a sustainable domestic life outside of consumer consciousness. And it's not as hard as we may think! Learn More
  4. Make: Electronics

    Make: Electronics


    Out of stock

    Want to learn the fundamentals of electronics in a fun, hands-on way? With Make: Electronics, you'll start working on real projects as soon as you crack open the book. Explore all of the key components and essential principles through a series of fascinating experiments. You'll build the circuits first, then learn the theory behind them! Learn More
  5. Make: The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory: Build Over 200 Pieces of Science Equipment!

    Make: The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory: Build Over 200 Pieces of Science Equipment!


    "Much, much more than a DIY Lab. It's really a fairly full course in experimental science." -Forrest M. Mims III, Author and Amateur Scientist Learn More
  6. Make: Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing

    Make: Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing


    Make Magazine Offers Technology On Your Time. Learn More
  7. Make: #37

    Make: Volume 37


    Technology On Your Time. Learn More
  8. Make: Vol. 38

    Make: Volume 38


    Technology On Your Time. Learn More
  9. Make: Volume 51

    Make: Volume 51


    Technology On Your Time. Learn More
  10. Making Stuff & Doing Things

    Making Stuff And Doing Things: A Collection Of DIY Guides To Doing Just About Everything


    Out of stock

    Kyle Bravo has assembled his HOW2 zines into a comprehensive book along with dozens of other instructional articles that tell you how to do...just about everything yourself. Learn More
  11. making stuff cover

    Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book


    The twenty-first century has seen an explosion in all kinds of crafting. Learn More
  12. MANual

    MANual: Trivia. Testosterone. Tales of Badassery. Raw Meat. Fine Whiskey. Cold Truth.


    So you've decided to go in search of your manhood. Good for you. We're here to help. Learn More
  13. Marie’s Home Improvement Guide

    Marie’s Home Improvement Guide


    Tired of paying the painter to create a mess on your floors? Can’t be held up another day waiting for a plumber between 9 and 5? Feeling threatened by the growing pile of fix-it projects in your basement? Marie’s Home Improvement Guide offers all the tips you need to tackle these projects ... yourself! Learn More
  14. Mind Your Manners!

    Mind Your Manners!: George Washinton's Rules Of Civility


    In an age when being crude, crass and offensive is in vogue, take a moment to consider those we share the world with, for after all you're one of them. Learn More
  15. Mother Earth  News: Food & Garden Series

    Mother Earth News: Food And Garden Series


    Out of stock

    Guide to Growing Your Own Food. Learn More
  16. My Empire of Dirt

    My Empire of Dirt: How One Man Turned His Big-City Backyard into a Farm


    For seven months, Manny Howard—a lifelong urbanite—woke up every morning and ventured into his eight-hundred-square-foot backyard to maintain the first farm in Flatbush, Brooklyn, in generations. His goal was simple: to subsist on what he could produce on this farm, and only this farm, for at least a month. Learn More
  17. Narconomics

    Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel


    What drug lords learned from big business. Learn More
  18. Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way

    Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way


    The latest Scandinavian publishing phenomenon is not a Stieg Larsson–like thriller; it’s a book about chopping, stacking, and burning wood that has sold more than 200,000 copies in Norway and Sweden and has been a fixture on the bestseller lists there for more than a year. Learn More
  19. Old Farmer's 2014 Almanac #222

    Old Farmer's 2014 Almanac #222


    The Original Farmer's Almanac. Learn More
  20. Pagan Kennedy's Living

    Pagan Kennedy's Living: A Handbook for Maturing Hipsters


    Zinester, author, maturing hipster, and graduate of the prestigious Wesleyan University, Pagan Kennedy first captured the hearts of America with her personal zine Pagan's Head. Learn More
  21. Passing Drug Tests

    Passing Drug Tests


    The Gospel Of Getting Clean For UA's. Learn More
  22. Penny Saving Household Helper

    Penny Saving Household Helper: Five Hundred Little Ways to Save Big


    This handy guide resurrects the fine art of frugal housekeeping with over 500 tips on saving money throughout the home and garden. Learn creative ways to cut back, pinch pennies, reduce, recycle, and re-use. Want to save on the grocery bill? Learn More
  23. People's Park: Still Blooming

    People's Park: Still Blooming


    This book celebrates 40 years since the creation of People's Park - a 2.8 acre public park covered with trees and grass located between Haste St. and Dwight Way a half-block East of Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, CA. Learn More
  24. Physiology Of The Employee

    Physiology Of The Employee


    If Honoré de Balzac's Treatise on Elegant Living addressed one crucial pillar of modernity--the "mode" itself, fashion--his Physiology of the Employee examines another equally potent cornerstone to the modern era: bureaucracy, and all of the cogs and wheels of which it is composed. Learn More
  25. Pile Theory #1

    Pile Theory #1


    DIY/Homesteading zine produced at Baltimore Free Farm. Learn More

Items 101 to 125 of 190 total

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