For those self-motivated individuals who prefer to do things themselves.

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  2. 70 Japanese Gestures

    70 Japanese Gestures: No Language Communication


    Who needs to speak Japanese? There’s a lot you can say with traditional hand gestures and body motions that are universal as well as uniquely Japanese. Learn More
  3. 99 Ways To Tell A Story

    99 Ways To Tell A Story: Exercises In Style


    Gain new insights and fresh perspectives on the art of storytelling in all its many forms. Learn More
  4. All That We Share

    All That We Share: How to Save the Economy, the Environment, the Internet, Democracy, Our Communities and Everything Else that Belongs to All of Us


    In an accessible field guide format—replete with illustrations, charts, and other visual materials—Things We Share offers an engaging entrée into a broad range of key topics and concepts from the commons movement, which touches everything from natural resources, art, and the environment to technological knowledge, the digital realm, economics, and politics. Learn More
  5. Art of Lying Down

    Art of Lying Down: A Guide to Horizontal Living


    An utterly charming study of the history of lying down—which is more complicated than you might think. Learn More
  6. Awkward.

    Awkward.: What to Do When Life Makes You Cringe - A Survival Guide


    Ending a first date that falls flat. Drunk-texting your boss. Walking in when your roommate is getting it on. Running into the person you just dumped . . . in the grocery store, an hour after it went down. Learn More
  7. Baltimore Is Earth

    Baltimore Is Earth


    City living for a healthy planet. Learn More
  8. Barbarians

    Barbarians: A Handbook For Aspiring Savages


    Sick of our flaccid twenty-first century, with its flavored coffees, electric cars, and spoiled lap dogs? Wishing you could get what you want, when you want it? Perhaps you dream of trading in that restrictive tie for a liberating loin cloth? The solution is simple: Just ask yourself, What Would a Barbarian Do? (WWBD?). With this primitive procedure, great men have altered the course of history (and hilarious B movies) for thousands of years. Learn More
  9. Be Prepared

    Be Prepared


    An indispensable survival manual for guys entering the trenches of fatherhood, Be Prepared is loaded with one-of-a-kind insights, MacGyver-esque tips and tricks, and no-nonsense advice for mastering the first year as a dad. Learn More
  10. Beyond The Music

    Beyond the Music: How Punks are Saving the World with DIY Ethics, Skills, And Values


    Discussions on the ethical phenomenon of a countercultural movement. Learn More
  11. big girl knits cover

    Big Girl Knits


    Out of stock

    30 Big, Bold Projects Shaped for Real Women with Real Curves. Learn More
  12. The Book Of Hugs

    Book of Hugs


    Know someone who needs a hug? Learn More
  13. Buy Shoes on Wednesday and Tweet at 4:00

    Buy Shoes on Wednesday and Tweet at 4:00: More of the Best Times to Buy This, Do That and Go There


    Out of stock

    Are you thinking that you might have gotten a better deal on a purchase if only you'd known the right moment to buy? Do you wonder if your workout would be more effective at another time of day? Have you worried that your tropical vacation plans might land you on an island paradise just in time for monsoon season? Learn More
  14. Catch a Fish, Throw a Ball, Fly a Kite

    Catch a Fish, Throw a Ball, Fly a Kite: 21 Timeless Skills Every Child Should Know (and Any Parent Can Teach!)


    Knowing how to fold a paper airplane can make you a better parent! Learn More
  15. Chicken & Egg

    Chicken and Egg: A Memoir of Suburban Homesteading with 125 Recipes


    Chicken coops have never been so chic! Learn More
  16. City Farmer

    City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing


    City Farmer celebrates the new ways that urban dwellers across North America are reimagining cities as places of food production. Learn More
  17. City Homesteader

    City Homesteader: Self-Sufficiency on Any Square Footage


    The City Homesteader is the handbook for the world of self-sufficient living. It's about living tangibly in a virtual world. Learn More
  18. Come Hell or High Water

    Come Hell or High Water: A Handbook on Collective Process Gone Awry


    Come Hell or High Water: A Handbook on Collective Process Gone Awry helps individuals navigate the world of egalitarian, directly democratic groups. Learn More
  19. Composting Toilet From Alley Scraps

    Composting Toilet From Alley Scraps


    Build your own composting toilet! Learn More
  20. Cool Tools

    Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities


    Cool Tools is a highly curated selection of the best tools available for individuals and small groups. Learn More
  21. D.I.Y. Magic

    D.I.Y. Magic: A Strange and Whimsical Guide to Creativity


    DIY MAGIC offers a series of reality hacks encompassing self-help, philosophy, psychology, and inspiration, that will help artists, writers, and any creative types find new sources of inspiration. Learn More
  22. Dating AI

    Dating AI: A Guide to Falling In Love with Artificial Intelligence


    Dating AI is "a meditation on how to prepare for the unknown," a thought experiment designed to stimulate new ideas about issues that are important now as well as in the future. Fictional descriptions of human-android romances are interspersed with commentary about the varying differences between people and AI (Artificial Intelligence), and methods for breaching the chasm between machine and human experience. Chapters tie speculation into contemporary life, drawing parallels between current human interactions with machines. Learn More
  23. Days Of War Nights Of Love

    Days Of War Nights Of Love: Crimethink For Beginners


    Beautifully designed A-Z of the totality of revolutionary youth politics. Learn More
  24. Dear Shane

    Dear Shane: A Mental Health Resource About Staying Alive


    In what began as a letter to the eponymous friend, Dear Shane: A Mental Health Resource about Staying Alive offers an absorbing account of the author's suicide attempts and subsequent hospitalization, providing pragmatic hope and a much-needed resource for mental health from the margins. Learn More
  25. Depression 2.0

    Depression 2.0: Creative Strategies for Tough Economic Times


    Depression 2.0 is a practical, empowering, hands-on guide to persevering and even thriving in the event of an economic crisis. Learn More

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