Cult, obscure, indie and oddball movies, television and video games.

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  1. Zombies on Film

    Zombies on Film: The Definitive Story of Undead Cinema


    ZOMBIES ON FILM chronicles popular culture’s greatest and most terrifyingly intriguing monsters in the very medium their shuffling, rotting, flesh-eating characteristics were shaped—at the movies! Learn More
  2. Zombie Movies

    Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide


    Featuring chronological reviews of more than 300 zombie films ó from 1932's White Zombie to George A. Romero's 2008 release Diary of the Dead ó this thorough, uproarious guide traces the evolution of one of horror cinemaís most popular and terrifying creations. Learn More
  3. Zombie Holocaust

    Zombie Holocaust


    How the living dead devoured pop culture. Learn More
  4. The Zombie Book

    Zombie Book: The Encyclopedia Of The Living Dead


    Rampaging, driven, killing machines. Soulless and dead. Infected and infectious. Zombies. Learn More
  5. Where The Bird Sings Best (paperback)

    Where the Bird Sings Best


    The magnum opus from Alejandro Jodorowsky—director of The Holy Mountain, star of Jodorowsky’s Dune, spiritual guru behind Psychomagic and The Way of Tarot, innovator behind classic comics The Incal and Metabarons, and legend of Latin American literature. Learn More
  6. Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel


    This companion to the bestselling The Wes Anderson Collection is the only book to take readers behind the scenes of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Learn More
  7. Wes Anderson Collection

    Wes Anderson Collection


    Wes Anderson is one of the most influential voices from the past two decades of American cinema. Learn More
  8. Videoscope #99

    Videoscope #99


    The Ultimate Genre Video Guide! Learn More
  9. Video Watchdog #183

    Video Watchdog #183


    The Perfectionist's Guide to Fantastic Video. Learn More
  10. VHS Cover Art

    VHS Video Cover Art: 1980s to Early 1990s


    Video cover art is a unique and largely lost artform representing a period of unabashed creativity during the video rental boom of the 1980s to early 1990s. Learn More
  11. Too Much Horror Business

    Too Much Horror Business


    Not only is Kirk Hammett the lead guitarist for Metallica, one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all time, but he’s also the curator of one of the world’s finest collections of monster-movie memorabilia, a collection few people have ever seen. Learn More
  12. Theme '70

    Theme 70: Tackling the Beast They Call Exploitation Cinema


    An exploitation movie explosion of grindhouse movie reviews, rare posters, stills, lobby cards and original fanzine pages. Learn More
  13. The Spiritual Journey Of Alejandro Jodorowsky

    The Spiritual Journey Of Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Creator Of El Topo


    In 1970, John Lennon introduced to the world Alejandro Jodorowsky and the movie, El Topo, that he wrote, starred in, and directed. The movie and its author instantly became a counterculture icon. Learn More
  14. The Horror Show Guide

    The Horror Show Guide: The Ultimate Frightfest of Movies


    From atomic bombs to zealous zombies, this cinefile’s guidebook reviews 1,000 of the wickedest, weirdest, and wackiest scary movies from every age of horror. Learn More
  15. Thank You For Your Cooperation
  16. Spinegrinder

    Spinegrinder: The Movies Most Critics Won't Write About


    First came video and more recently high definition home entertainment, through to the internet with its streaming videos and not strictly legal peer-to-peer capabilities. Learn More
  17. Shock Cinema #50

    Shock Cinema #50


    Your Guide To Cult Movies, Arthouse Oddities, Drive-In Swill, And Underground Obscurities! Learn More
  18. Scream #36

    Scream Magazine #36


    The Horror Bible For Horror Fans. Learn More
  19. Rue Morgue Magazine's Blood In Four Colours

    Rue Morgue Magazine's Blood In Four Colours


    Horror In Culture & Entertainment. Learn More
  20. Rue Morgue #168

    Rue Morgue #168


    Horror In Culture & Entertainment. Learn More
  21. Rocky Horror Treasury

    Rocky Horror Treasury: A Tribute to the Ultimate Cult Classic


    Including behind-the-scenes stories, pull-out-items, photos, and sounds, this interactive book is a true Rocky Horror Picture Show Treasury. Learn More
  22. Rigor Mortis #3

    Rigor Mortis #3


    The anger management issue. Learn More
  23. Rigor Mortis #2

    Rigor Mortis #2


    The second issue of the acclaimed and beloved zombie zine. Learn More
  24. Rigor Mortis #1

    Rigor Mortis #1


    The apocalyptic all-zombie first issue! Learn More
  25. Offbeat

    Offbeat: British Cinema's Curiosities, Obscurities and Forgotten Gems


    Critics may sing from an over familiar hymn sheet of so-called 'cult films', but there remains an epoch of British cinema still awaiting discovery that is every bit as provocative and deserving of attention. And there could be no finer guide to these uncharted domains than OFFBEAT. This is the book for the more intrepid cinema lover. Learn More

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