Cult, obscure, indie and oddball movies, television and video games.

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  1. Psychedelic Sex Vampires

    Psychedelic Sex Vampires: Jean Rollin Cinema


    An illustrated appreciation of the films of Jean Rollin, the cult French film director best-known for his surrealistic depictions of vampires, sex, and horror. Learn More
  2. Portlandia Activity Book

    Portlandia Activity Book


    This is The Portlandia Activity Book—a compendium of guaranteed enrichment for the Pacific Northwestern part of your psyche. Learn More
  3. Pornodelic Pleasures

    Pornodelic Pleasures: Jess Franco Cinema


    An illustrated document of the films of Jess Franco, the European cult director best known for his lurid depictions of sex, obsession, and horror. Learn More
  4. Porn King

    Porn King: The Autobiography Of John C. Holmes


    In the world of adult cinema, one name stands out above all others: John Holmes. Learn More
  5. Place Space Series #3: John Waters

    Place Space Series #3: John Waters


    In this issue of PLACE SPACE the ultimate hyphenate director-artist-writer-actor and national treasure, John Waters welcomes us into his kindly Baltimore home. Learn More
  6. Pawnee

    Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America


    Welcome to Pawnee: More Exciting than New York, More Glamorous than Hollywood, Roughly the Same Size as Bismarck, North Dakota. Learn More
  7. Party Animals

    Party Animals: A Hollywood Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll Starring the Fabulous Allan Carr


    Allan Carr was known as Hollywood’s premier party-thrower during the town’s most hedonistic era—the cocaine-addled, sexually indulgent 1970s. Learn More
  8. Paddle Your Own Canoe (softcover)

    Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living


    Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman shares his humorous fulminations on life, manliness, meat, and much more in his first book. Learn More
  9. Oriental Cinema #9 (Vol. 3)

    Oriental Cinema #9 (Vol. 3)


    The Femme Fatales Issue! Learn More
  10. Orgasmo Vol. 2

    Orgasmo Volume 2: Amazing Images Of Erotic Movies!


    This publication proposes amazing images from erotic movies from the 1940's to the 1980's. Learn More
  11. Orgasmo Vol. 1

    Orgasmo Volume 1: Amazing Images Of Erotic Movies!


    This publication features amazing images from erotic movies from the 1940's to the 1980's. Learn More
  12. Offbeat

    Offbeat: British Cinema's Curiosities, Obscurities and Forgotten Gems


    Critics may sing from an over familiar hymn sheet of so-called 'cult films', but there remains an epoch of British cinema still awaiting discovery that is every bit as provocative and deserving of attention. And there could be no finer guide to these uncharted domains than OFFBEAT. This is the book for the more intrepid cinema lover. Learn More
  13. Nostalgia Digest

    Nostalgia Digest Magazine


    On life during the Golden Age of radio, movies, television, and music. Learn More
  14. Nicolas Winding Refn: The Act of Seeing

    Nicolas Winding Refn: The Act of Seeing


    For the first time Nicolas Winding Refn, writer, producer and director of the PUSHER films, BRONSON, VALHALLA RISING, DRIVE, ONLY GOD FORGIVES and THE NEON DEMON, trawls through his unique collection of rare American film posters to unfold ways the viewer validates and actualises the presentation of key images into their own personal reality. Learn More
  15. Nerd Do Well (paperback)

    Nerd Do Well: A Small Boy’s Journey to Becoming a Big Kid


    The unique life story of one of the most talented and inventive comedians, star of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Star Trek. Learn More
  16. Neo #120

    Neo Magazine #120


    Turning Japanese. Learn More
  17. National Treasure: Nicolas Cage

    National Treasure: Nicolas Cage (Pop Classics)


    A celebration of Nicolas Cage — the man and the meme. Learn More
  18. N1FR #1

    N1FR #1


    Out of stock

    The n+1 Film Review Supplement. Learn More
  19. MovieMaker #104

    MovieMaker #104


    The Art And Business Of Making Movies. Learn More
  20. Movie Star Junkie Postcard

    Movie Star Junkie Postcard


    Everyone has their addictions! Learn More
  21. Monster Bash #23

    Monster Bash #23


    Monster Bash specializes in classic monster movies with glorious photo reproductions and behind-the-scenes images! Learn More
  22. Modern Romance

    Modern Romance


    A hilarious, thoughtful, and in-depth exploration of the pleasures and perils of modern romance from one of this generation’s sharpest comedic voices. Learn More
  23. Minecraft

    Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection


    Minecraft's four bestselling handbooks are available in this stunning, gold-foiled boxed set! Includes the Essential Handbook, Redstone Handbook, Combat Handbook, and Construction Handbook. Learn More
  24. Millennium Film Journal #61

    Millennium Film Journal #61


    Out of stock

    World Views. Learn More
  25. Miami, You've Got Style!

    Miami, You've Got Style!


    A Little Golden Girls Book. Learn More

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