Publications about films from Asia - Hong Kong, Tokyo, Korea... big monsters, maverick filmmakers, oddball directors.

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  1. Art Of Wind Rises

    Art Of Wind Rises


    This book captures the art of the film, from conception to production, and features in-depth interviews with the filmmakers. Learn More
  2. Behind the Pink Curtain

    Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema


    Steamy, subversive, exotic and bizarre! Learn More
  3. Eiji Tsuburaya (paperback)

    Eiji Tsuburaya: Master Of Monsters


    Defending the Earth with Ultraman, Godzilla, and friends in the Golden Age of Japanese science fiction film. Learn More
  4. Happiness Of The Katakuris Blu-Ray/DVD

    Happiness Of The Katakuris Blu-Ray/DVD


    From Takashi Miike, the prolific director of such shocking hits including Audition and Ichi the Killer comes "The Sound of Music meets Dawn of the Dead"! Learn More
  5. J-Horror

    J-Horror: The Definitive Guide to The Ring, The Grudge and Beyond


    Through franchises such as The Ring and The Grudge, Japanese horror films over the past decade or so have exerted a singular influence on the horror genre and on the film industry as a whole. Learn More
  6. Japanese Cinema

    Japanese Cinema


    Beyond Kurosawa! Exploring the work of the greatest Japanese filmmakers. Learn More
  7. Killer Kaiju Monsters

    Killer Kaiju Monsters: Strange Beasts of Japanese Film


    Killer Kaiju Monsters is the ultimate ode to the legendary monsters of the Japanese golden era of special effects movies and television shows, beginning with the granddaddy of them all—Godzilla. Learn More
  8. Neo #120

    Neo Magazine #120


    Turning Japanese. Learn More
  9. Oriental Cinema #9 (Vol. 3)

    Oriental Cinema #9 (Vol. 3)


    The Femme Fatales Issue! Learn More
  10. Re-Agitator

    Re-Agitator: A Decade Of Writing On Takashi Miike


    From outrageous flavour of the month to respected modern master - Takashi Miike's rise to fame has been stellar. The former bad boy of Japanese film is now a regular at the world's most prestigious film festivals. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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