Well, as much as we'd like to, we can't just watch Asian, cult, and sleazy movies all the time.

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  1. The Difficulty of Being

    Difficulty of Being


    Reflections on life and art from the legendary filmmaker-novelist-poet-genius. Learn More
  2. Difficult Men (paperback)

    Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution: From The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men and Breaking Bad


    A riveting and revealing look at the shows that helped cable television drama emerge as the signature art form of the twenty-first century. Learn More
  3. Cinema Scope #64

    Cinema Scope #64


    Expanding The Frame On International Cinema. Learn More
  4. Cinema Retro Movie Classics #5

    Cinema Retro Movie Classics #5: Clint Eastwood


    Celebrating Classic Movies of 60s and 70s Cinema. Learn More
  5. Cinema Retro #33

    Cinema Retro #33


    The Essential Guide To Movies Of The '60s & '70s. Learn More
  6. Cineaste Magazine

    Cineaste Magazine


    Out of stock

    America's Leading Magazine On The Art And Politics Of The Cinema. Learn More
  7. CineAction #96

    CineAction #96


    Global Cinema. Canadian films & TV. Learn More
  8. Big Bad Book of Bill Murray

    Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of the World's Finest Actor


    He’s the sort of actor who can do Hamlet and Charlie’s Angels in the same year. Learn More
  9. Being Hal Ashby

    Being Hal Ashby: Life of a Hollywood Rebel


    Hal Ashby (1929--1988) was always an outsider, and as a director he brought an outsider's perspective to Hollywood cinema. Learn More
  10. Art Cinema

    Art Cinema


    Celluloid Canvas: Film as an Artistic Medium. A compendium of the development and history of film as art. Learn More
  11. the age of gold cover

    Age Of Gold: Dali, Bunuel, Artaud: Surrealist Cinema


    Surrealist cinema, as epitomised by Salvador DalÌ and Luis BuÒuelís Un Chien Andalou and LíAge díOr, was a knife through the very heart of the establishment; a scorpionic, scatological black joke galvanized by the irrational, the uncanny, and the spectre of de Sade. Learn More
  12. 100 Ideas that Changed Film

    100 Ideas That Changed Film


    This inspiring book chronicles the most influential ideas that have shaped film since its inception. Learn More

Items 51 to 62 of 62 total

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