Cook books, recipe books, cocktails, beer, food theory, food politics and more. For boozers, omnivores, carnivores, vegetarians and vegans.

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  1. True Brews

    True Brews: How to Craft Fermented Cider, Beer, Wine, Sake, Soda, Mead, Kefir, and Kombucha at Home


    This accessible home-brew guide for alcoholic and non-alcoholic fermented drinks, from Apartment Therapy: The Kitchn's Emma Christensen, offers a wide range of simple yet enticing recipes for Root Beer, Honey Green Tea Kombucha, Pear Cider, Gluten-Free Sorghum Ale, Blueberry-Lavender Mead, Gin Sake, Plum Wine, and more. Learn More
  2. Three Brews Vol. 1

    Three Brews Volume 1: Meet The Brews


    The first volume in the series about a group of friends depicted through their beer can stereotypes. Learn More
  3. The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.

    The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.: Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes, and Unabashed Arrogance


    Since its inception in 1996, Stone Brewing Co. has been the fastest growing brewery in the country—Beer lovers gravitate to its unique line-up which includes favorites such as Stone IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ale. Learn More
  4. Reverse Wine Snob

    Reverse Wine Snob: How to Buy and Drink Great Wine without Breaking the Bank


    Most rational people don't pay $40 for $20 items. And yet with wine, it happens all the time. Wine can be an expensive hobby. Learn More
  5. Radical Brewing

    Radical Brewing: Recipes, Tales And World-Altering Meditations In A Glass


    Out of stock

    350 pages, including 90 complete recipes and an abundance of useful information for the novice as well as the grizzled veteran. Learn More
  6. On Beer And Food

    On Beer And Food: The Gourmet's Guide To Recipes And Pairings


    Good beer is a taste-intensive and surprisingly versatile accompaniment to good food--often better suited than wine. Learn More
  7. Moleskine Passions Travel Journal

    Moleskine Passions Travel Journal


    Out of stock

    Journals for the loves of your life. Learn More
  8. Mash Tun #7

    Mash Tun #7


    One Free Copy With Any Online Order of $30 or more. Please, only 1 free item per order. Don't be a Greedy Gus! Substitutions may occur. Learn More
  9. Imbibe #61

    Imbibe #61


    Out of stock

    Liquid Culture. Learn More
  10. The Homebrewer's Recipe Guide

    Homebrewer's Recipe Guide


    More than 175 original beer recipes, including magnificent pale ales, ambers, stouts, lagers, and seasonal brews, plus tips from the master brewers. Learn More
  11. Home Brewing: A Guide to Making Your Own Beer and Wine

    Home Brewing: A Guide to Making Your Own Beer and Wine


    A beer and brewing expert shows how easy it can be to make beer and wine with just basic equipment and a few key skills. Learn More
  12. The Great Northeast Brewery Tour

    Great Northeast Brewery Tour: Tap into the Best Craft Breweries in New England and the Mid-Atlantic


    As craft brewing becomes increasingly inventive, with new beers demonstrating remarkable complexity, one region of the United States is particularly notable for its fascinating brewing scene: the Northeast. Learn More
  13. Experimental Homebrewing
  14. Eastern Shore Beer

    Eastern Shore Beer: The Heady History of Chesapeake Brewing


    When Great Britain levied heavy taxes against the colonies, the Eastern Shore's first beer geek, John Beale Bordley, swore off English ales and set his substantial estate to perfecting his own home brews. Learn More
  15. Drinkology Beer

    Drinkology Beer: A Book About the Brew


    So a guy or a gal walks into a bar and orders a . . . what? A Belgian lambic? A German Hefeweizen? An American barley wine? Today, with thousands of beers being made in the U.S. and many, many imported ales and lagers available at taverns and retailers, the once-simple decision to have a beer may feel a little like drowning. Learn More
  16. Draft Magazine

    Draft Magazine


    Out of stock

    Life On Tap. Learn More
  17. Craft Beer And Brewing Magazine #14

    Craft Beer And Brewing Magazine #14


    Out of stock

    For those who make and drink great beer. Learn More
  18. The Comic Book Story Of Beer

    Comic Book Story of Beer: The World's Favorite Beverage from 7000 BC to Today's Craft Brewing Revolution


    A full-color, lushly illustrated graphic novel that recounts the many-layered past and present of beer through dynamic pairings of pictures and meticulously researched insight into the history of the world's favorite brew. Learn More
  19. Cocktails on Tap: The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer

    Cocktails on Tap: The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer


    Cocktails on Tap brings together two major trends—craft cocktails and craft beer—with more than 50 recipes for mixed drinks that feature beer. Learn More
  20. Brewing in Baltimore

    Brewing in Baltimore


    Throughout its rich and vibrant history, Baltimore has been known by a variety of names: Mobtown, the Land of Pleasant Living, or Charm City to name just a few. Perhaps "Beer Town" would have been more appropriate. Learn More
  21. Brew It Yourself

    Brew It Yourself: Professional Craft Blueprints for Home Brewing


    Brew It Yourself outlines the key methodologies for the two most common home brewing techniques: extract and all-grain brewing. Learn More
  22. Barley And Hops

    Barley And Hops: The Craft Beer Book


    Going back to basics, small breweries are using meticulous craftsmanship to create beers with rich taste. These beers represent a new authenticity and way of life. Learn More
  23. Baltimore Beer

    Baltimore Beer: A Satisfying History of Charm City Brewing


    Since Mary Pickersgill sewed Old Glory on the floor of a local brewery, Baltimore has been a beer-drinking town. Learn More
  24. ambitious brew cover

    Ambitious Brew: The Story Of American Beer


    Ambitious Brew, the first-ever history of American beer, tells an epic story of American ingenuity and the beverage that became a national standard. Learn More
  25. 99 Ways To Open A Beer Bottle

    99 Ways To Open A Beer Bottle Without A Bottle Opener


    It's every beer drinker's worst nightmare—a cold brew in hand with no means to open it. Learn More

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