Cook books, recipe books, cocktails, beer, food theory, food politics and more. For boozers, omnivores, carnivores, vegetarians and vegans.

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  1. How To Cook Everything Fast

    How to Cook Everything Fast: A Better Way to Cook Great Food


    Homemade wonton soup in 30 minutes. Chicken Parmesan without dredging and frying. Fruit crisp on the stovetop. The secret to cooking fast is cooking smart—choosing and preparing fresh ingredients efficiently. Learn More
  2. How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food

    How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food


    The next best thing to having Mark Bittman in the kitchen with you. Learn More
  3. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

    How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food


    The ultimate one-stop vegetarian cookbook-from the author of the classic How to Cook Everything. Learn More
  4. How to Cook Everything, Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition

    How to Cook Everything, Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition: 2,000 Simple Recipes for Great Food


    Mark Bittman's award-winning How to Cook Everything has helped countless home cooks discover the rewards of simple cooking. Now the ultimate cookbook has been revised and expanded (almost half the material is new), making it absolutely indispensable for anyone who cooks—or wants to. Learn More
  5. How to Cook Indian

    How to Cook Indian: More Than 500 Classic Recipes for the Modern Kitchen


    Sanjeev Kapoor burst onto the scene in India with an easy, no-fuss cooking approach. More than a decade later, he is a global sensation with an international media empire that is rooted in this philosophy. Learn More
  6. How to Cook the Perfect Day

    How to Cook the Perfect Day


    New from best-selling paper cut artist Nikki McClure, this beautiful gift book is filled with recipes and artwork to help inspire the perfect day. Learn More
  7. How To Eat

    How To Eat: The Pleasures And Principles Of Good Food


    Nigella's signature, all-purpose cookbook! Learn More
  8. How To Make Tea

    How to Make Tea


    How do you like your tea? Learn More
  9. Hungry Planet

    Hungry Planet: What the World Eats


    On the banks of Mali's Niger River, Soumana Natomo and his family gather for a communal dinner of millet porridge with tamarind juice. Learn More
  10. I Like Vegetables

    I Like Vegetables: Petit Collage


    Out of stock

    A Touch-And-Feel Board Book. Learn More
  11. I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email Mug

    I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email Mug


    You did it! You survived another meeting that should have been an email. And we're all very, very proud of you. Learn More
  12. Ice Skull

    Ice Skull


    Out of stock

    An evening of cocktails and conversation can easily melt into the moonlight if you don’t keep an eye on the ice skulls swimming around each glass! Learn More
  13. Imbibe #61

    Imbibe #61


    Out of stock

    Liquid Culture. Learn More
  14. In Defense Of Food

    In Defense Of Food: An Eater's Manifesto


    What to eat, what not to eat, and how to think about health: a manifesto for our times. Learn More
  15. Independence Days

    Independence Days: A Guide to Sustainable Food Storage and Preservation


    Hard times aren't just coming, they are here already. The recent economic collapse has seen millions of North Americans move from the middle class to being poor, and from poor to hungry. At the same time, the idea of eating locally is shifting from being a fringe activity for those who can afford it to an essential element of getting by. But, aside from the locavores and slow foodies, who really knows how to eat outside of the supermarket and out of season? And who knows how to eat a diet based on easily stored and home preserved foods? Learn More
  16. Inside Chefs' Fridges, Europe

    Inside Chefs' Fridges, Europe: Top chefs open their home refrigerators


    Haute cuisine comes home: Europe’s most creative chefs reveal their inner sanctum. Learn More
  17. Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese

    Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese


    From the Japanese TV cooking sensastion, Iron Chef—the inspiration for the Food Network hit series of the same name—comes this cookbook by one of he original Iron Chefs, Chen Kenichi. Learn More
  18. Isa Does It

    Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week


    Recipes, tips, and strategies for easy, delicious vegan meals every day of the week, from America's bestselling vegan cookbook author. Learn More
  19. It's Only Slow Food Until You Try to Eat It (paperback)

    It's Only Slow Food Until You Try to Eat It: Misadventures of a Suburban Hunter-Gatherer


    A longtime contributor to Field and Stream, Bill Heavey knew more than a little about hunting and fishing when he embarked on an ambitious project a few years ago to see how far he could get “eating wild.” Learn More
  20. Ivan Ramen

    Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes from Tokyo's Most Unlikely Noodle Joint


    The end-all-be-all guide to ramen from Ivan Orkin, the iconoclastic New York-born owner of Tokyo's top ramen shop. Learn More
  21. Izakaya

    Izakaya: Japanese Bar Food


    Create your own delicious, relaxed, and simple Japanese treats to share at home. Learn More
  22. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

    Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Jell-ing Classic Cocktails - One Drink at a Time


    Remember jello shots of days of yore? They're all grown up, and are sporting a sophisticated new look! Learn More
  23. Jelly Shots

    Jelly Shots: A Rainbow of 70 Boozy Recipes


    Ditch those boring wine glasses and clunky beer mugs, and serve up these deliciously fun jelly shots at your next party! Learn More
  24. King's County Guide To Urban Moonshining

    Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey


    A new generation of urban bootleggers is distilling whiskey at home, and cocktail enthusiasts have embraced the nuances of brown liquors. Learn More
  25. Kitchen Confidential

    Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly


    Bourdain takes you deep inside and far behind the scenes and into the kitchens of restaurants. Learn More

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