Publications on and about vegetarianism and veganism.

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  1. Barefoot and in the Kitchen

    Barefoot And In the Kitchen: Vegan Recipes For You


    This heavily illustrated vegan cookbook is packed with delicious recipes and entertaining essays. Learn More
  2. Food Stamp Foodie #3

    Food Stamp Foodie #3


    A mini zine of inexpensive vegan cookery. Learn More
  3. I Like Vegetables

    I Like Vegetables: Petit Collage


    Out of stock

    A Touch-And-Feel Board Book. Learn More
  4. So Raw It's Downright Filthy

    So Raw It's Downright Filthy: A Raw Vegan Cookbook by Joshua Ploeg


    Let us not understate the might and magic of Joshua Ploeg's cooking. The dude s meals sparkle in your mouth; they burst and bloom; they explode and breakdance and pirouette! Joshua s the traveling vegan chef and he is as we speak, no less! touring the world making insane-in-the-membrane multi-course DIY meals at shows and dinner parties. Learn More

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