Here you'll find publications about all sorts of enjoyable things - drug books, cookbooks, cocktail recipe books, pin-ups - all the sorts of things that make life worth living.

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  1. bibliodyssey cover

    BibliOdyssey: Amazing Archival Images from the Dusty Corners of the Internet!


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    Across the world, libraries and institutions are only recently starting to make their collections available online, and the bulk of this amazing material goes unnoted by the casual surfer. Learn More
  2. Graphic USA

    Graphic USA


    Visiting an unfamiliar city is usually best when you have a guide, a knowledgeable local pal who can show you the hidden treasures of his or her hometown. In the most ideal scenario, this friend would be motivated by sensibilities similar to your own--which is why so many traditional travel guidebooks, with their emphasis on well-trod landmarks and obvious institutions, are of such limited utility to travelers with offbeat tastes. But this is no typical guidebook. Learn More
  3. The New York Times, 36 Hours (1st Ed.)

    New York Times: 36 Hours USA And Canada


    Weekends on the road. The ultimate travel guide to the USA and Canada. Learn More
  4. Room With A View

    Room With A View


    Lucy Fur's 3 major pursuits - photography, road trips and professional exhibitionism - meet up with scintillating results in the setting of a vanishing breed of fantasy-themed motel rooms across America. Learn More

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