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  1. Black Tattoo Art

    Black Tattoo Art: Modern Expressions Of The Tribal


    This massive, amazing book is a photographic journey across the globe -- from Borneo to Belgium, Argentina to Athens, New York to New Zealand and beyond -- in search of avant-garde tattoo art that pays homage to the ancient roots of tattooing in their contemporary interpretations. Learn More
  2. Bound By Honor

    Bound By Honor: A Tribute To Black And Grey Flash


    Bound by Honor: A Tribute to Black and Grey Flash is one of the world’s most definitive collections of black and grey tattoo flash and art. Learn More
  3. Immovable

    Immovable: Fudo Myo-O Tattoo Design by Horitomo


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    An in depth study of the Esoteric Buddhist icon Fudo Myo-o featuring writings and drawings by Kazuaki "Horitomo" Kitamura. Learn More
  4. Japanese Tattoo Designs

    Japanese Tattoo Designs

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    This book is a must have. It touches on just about every integral Japanese motif, penned in Ichibays infallible hand. Learn More
  5. Tattoo In Japan

    Tattoo In Japan: Traditional And Modern Styles : Martin Hladik / John Harte / Geoff Johnson / Toshihiro Oshima


    An immense, opulently illustrated volume about the high art of tattooing in Japan. Learn More
  6. Wabori

    Wabori: Traditional Japanese Tattoo


    Wabori, Traditional Japanese Tattoo is an unprecedented collection of interviews from the most prestigious and influential masters of the craft. Learn More

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