Here you'll find publications about all sorts of enjoyable things - drug books, cookbooks, cocktail recipe books, pin-ups - all the sorts of things that make life worth living.

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  1. The Worry-Free Kitchen

    The Worry-Free Kitchen: Japanese Dishes without Oil And Butter


    Contrary to popular belief the modern Japanese diet is not as lite as one might think. The Worry-free Kitchen is Japan's answer to lowering calories and fat while indulging in the dishes that keep Asia going. Learn More
  2. The World's Best Whiskies

    The World's Best Whiskies: 750 Essential Drams from Tennessee to Tokyo


    Whisky is a spirit steeped in tradition and passion. Everyone has his or her preferred brand: old-time favorites like Bushmills from Ireland or Maker’s Mark from the U.S.; or new distilleries such as California’s St. George or Oregon’s Rogue. Learn More
  3. The Whore Of Akron

    The Whore of Akron: One Man's Search for the Soul of LeBron James


    "If there was an opportunity for me to return to Cleveland and those fans welcomed me back, that'd be a great story." -Lebron James Learn More
  4. The Whole Hog

    The Whole Hog Cookbook: Chops, Loin, Shoulder, Bacon, and All That Good Stuff


    There’s a whole world of pork to love, as demonstrated in this cookbook devoted to every cut of the hog. Plump sausages sputtering on the grill, thick bacon sizzling in a pan, a juicy pork chop from the oven-pork comes in so many wondrous forms. From grilling and frying to braising and pickling, author Libbie Summers has a special way with pork, taking comfortable old-fashioned dishes and updating them with fun and stylish twists. Learn More
  5. The Well-Kept Kitchen

    The Well-Kept Kitchen


    In 1615 the poet and writer Gervase Markham published an extraordinary handbook for housewives, containing advice on everything from planting herbs to brewing beer, feeding animals to distilling perfume, with recipes for a variety of dishes such as trifle, pancakes and salads (not to mention some amusingly tart words on how the ideal wife should behave). Learn More
  6. The Vintage Home

    The Vintage Home: Clever Finds and Faded Treasures for Today's Chic Livings


    The shabby-chic, Bohemian look known as vintage has both charm and plenty of practicality. It is the perfect alternative for modern white interiors, ideal for family living—as extra scuffs won’t ruin the look—and low maintenance as well as relatively inexpensive. Learn More
  7. The Vegetarian Option

    The Vegetarian Option


    Not so long ago, vegetarian choices were an afterthought on restaurant menus or were relegated to side dishes at home. But times—and eating habits—have changed, and vegetarianism is being touted not just for health reasons but for environmental ones, too. Learn More
  8. Veganopolis Cookbook

    The Veganopolis Cookbook: A Manual for Great Vegan Cooking


    Vegan cooking has been exploding in popularity over the past decade. Learn More
  9. The Urban Vegan

    The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes from Street Cart Favorites to Haute Cuisine


    Sampling ruby-red organic berries at a farmers' market. Comparing thirty varieties of rice noodles in a Vietnamese food store. Learn More
  10. The Unconquered

    The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon's Last Uncontacted Tribes


  11. The Tipsy Vegan

    The Tipsy Vegan: 75 Boozy Recipes to Turn Every Bite into Happy Hour


    Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World meets The Boozy Baker meets Vegan Comfort Food in this full-color, hip cookbook. Award-winning author John Schlimm brings together everyone’s two favorite hangouts: the kitchen and the bar. A member of one of the oldest brewing families in the United States and author of the largest beer cookbook ever published, Schlimm knows a thing or two about boozing up his food. Learn More
  12. The Sexual Politics of Meat

    The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory (20th Anniversary Edition)


    20th Anniversary Edition includes a new preface by the author, a foreword by Nellie McKay, and eight pages of recent examples that illustrate Adams' argument. Learn More
  13. The Seven Additioncs And Five Professions of Anita Berber

    The Seven Addictions And Five Professions Of Anita Berber


    Weimar Berlin's Priestess of Depravity. Learn More
  14. The Secret Lives Of Men And Women

    The Secret Lives Of Men And Women: A PostSecret Book

    $21.99 founder Frank Warren is back with an irresistible addition to his bestselling PostSecret series. Learn More
  15. The Sartorialist: Closer

    The Sartorialist: Closer


    After the enormous success of The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman is back with a completely new collection of beautiful images of the men and women who have caught his attention. Learn More
  16. The Sartorialist

    The Sartorialist


    Scott Schuman just wanted to take photographs of people that he met on the streets of New York who he felt looked great. Learn More
  17. The Recipe Project

    The Recipe Project: A Delectable Extravaganza Of Food And Music


    The Recipe Project is a whimsical cross-pollination of food and music in a book and CD package. Contents include intimate interviews with famous chefs (playlists disclosed!), lyrical essays by music-minded foodies, and a CD by One Ring Zero, which transforms the chefs' favorite recipes—word for word—into songs. Learn More
  18. The Psychedelic Experience

    The Psychedelic Experience


    A Manual Based On The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. Learn More
  19. The Practical Cyclist

    The Practical Cyclist: Bicycling for Real People


    Out of stock

    Riding a bicycle is something you never forget—even if the last time you owned a bike, it had playing cards pinned to the spokes. Learn More
  20. The Politics of Psychopharmacology

    The Politics of Psychopharmacology


    In this brief, lively book of reminiscences, the man Allen Ginsberg called "a hero of American consciousness" describes his transformation from bohemian professor to avatar of the new age. Learn More
  21. The Pleasures of the Table

    The Pleasures of the Table


    Epicure and gourmand Brillat-Savarin was one of the most influential food writers of all time. Learn More
  22. The Pin-Up Art of Humorama

    The Pin-Up Art of Humorama


    During the 1950s, Abe Goodman — brother of Marvel Comics publisher Martin Goodman — was the largest buyer of cartoons in the world. Publishing out of New York City under the Humorama banner, Goodman churned out scores of cheap digest-sized magazines boasting inventive titles like Romp, Stare and Joker that featured hackneyed jokes, cheesecake photos and the publications’ bread and butter, single panel pin-up cartoons. Learn More
  23. The Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo Volume 2

    The Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo Volume 2


    Oh, Betty! Pin-up beauties from the legendary Archie artist and creator of Josie & the Pussycats. Learn More
  24. The Pin-Up Art Of Dan DeCarlo

    The Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo Volume 1


    Out of stock

    A handsome collection of rare pin-ups from the late cartoonist who defined Betty and Veronica's look. Learn More
  25. The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion

    The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion


    Didn’t think it was possible? Think again! The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion features 151 new and classic cocktails designed to complement every situation imaginable ... and then some. Learn More

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