Here you'll find publications about all sorts of enjoyable things - drug books, cookbooks, cocktail recipe books, pin-ups - all the sorts of things that make life worth living.

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  1. constant rider omnibus cover

    Constant Rider Omnibus: Stories From the Public Transportation Front


    For you reading and riding pleasure, we bring you an anthology of the Constant Rider issues #1-7! Learn More
  2. Cook Food

    Cook Food: A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating


    More than just a rousing food manifesto and a nifty set of tools, Cook Food makes preparing tasty, wholesome meals simple and accessible for those hungry for both change and scrumptious fare. If you're used to getting your meals from a package--or the delivery guy--or if you think you don't know how to cook, this is the book for you. Learn More
  3. Cooking Dirty

    Cooking Dirty: A Story of Life, Sex, Love and Death in the Kitchen


    The grit and glory of restaurant life, as told by a survivor of kitchens across America. Learn More
  4. Cooking for Geeks

    Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food


    Are you interested in the science behind what happens to the food in your kitchen? Do you want to learn what makes a recipe work so you can improvise instead of simply following a set of instructions? Learn More
  5. Cooking in the Moment

    Cooking in the Moment: A Year of Seasonal Recipes


    For Andrea Reusing—an award-winning chef, a leader in the sustainable agriculture movement, and a working mother—“cooking in the moment” simply means focusing on one meal at a time. Learn More
  6. Country Walks Near Baltimore

    Country Walks Near Baltimore


    This book is for people who want an outing in the country without spending half the day getting there and back. Learn More
  7. Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration

    Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration


    This leaderless, grassroots social movement cuts through the noise and inertia of car-clogged urban transportation and teaches us to carve a wedge of our city for our dreams. Learn More
  8. Outlaw Swords Of Death

    Cruelty And Carnage: Superviolent Art by Yoshiiku & Others (Ukiyo-e Master Series)


    Muzan-e ("cruel pictures”) and Chimidoro-e ("bloody pictures”) together constitute a significant strand of ukiyo-e, the populist art of late Edo-period Japan. Learn More
  9. Culinary Reactions

    Culinary Reactions: The Everyday Chemistry of Cooking


    When you’re cooking, you’re a chemist! Every time you follow or modify a recipe you are experimenting with acids and bases, emulsions and suspensions, gels and foams. Learn More
  10. Cult Magazines: From A to Z

    Cult Magazines: From A to Z: A Compendium of Culturally Obsessive And Curiously Expressive Publications


    Exploring the subcultures of mid-20th-century America, this encyclopedia comprehensively documents the huge quantity of cult magazines that thrived beneath the mainstream. Learn More
  11. Cult Streetwear

    Cult Streetwear


    Streetwear has become a global phenomenon. Learn More
  12. Custom Kicks

    Custom Kicks: Personalized Footwear


    Customizing is hot. Everything can be customized: from pimped cars to retro furniture. Learn More
  13. Cyclepedia

    Cyclepedia: A Century of Iconic Bicycle Design


    For every way to ride, there s a bicycle to fit the need. An homage to the beauty of the bike, Cyclepedia showcases the innovations and legacies of bicycle design over the past century. Learn More
  14. Cyclopedia (paperback)

    Cyclopedia: It's All About the Bike


    If it’s on the bike, it’s in the book. Learn More
  15. D.I.Y. Delicious

    D.I.Y. Delicious: Recipes and Ideas for Simple Food from Scratch


    For crafty green types who want to master the fundamentals of a scratch pantry and have graduated from simple weekend jam and baking activities, this book offers a wide variety of recipes and blueprints for artisanal food projects. Learn More
  16. Dames, Dolls, And Gun Molls

    Dames, Dolls, And Gun Molls


    In the course of his long and illustrious career, renowned illustrator/painter Robert A. Maguire created gorgeous cover images for more than a thousand books and worked for virtually every mainstream publisher in the U.S. Best known for his incomparably sexy 'femme fatale' images for pulp paperbacks in the 1950s and 1960s, Maguire built a long and legendary career showcasing character portraits that were iconic and beautiful, painting subjects that felt simultaneously real and sensually compelling. Learn More
  17. Drawn To Sin

    Daniel Kiessler: Drawn To Sin


    This artbook is the latest collection of images, ideas, sketches and photorealistic works from the mind and easel of Daniel Kiessler. Learn More
  18. Danish Tattooing

    Danish Tattooing


    Out of stock

    Danish Tattooing traces the visual development of tattoo culture in Denmark from 1895 up to the present day, including the Golden Age of the 1960s which is particularly rich on fascinating tales from a rough scene. Learn More
  19. Dank 2.0

    Dank 2.0: The Quest for the Best Marijuana Continues


    Share the quest for pot perfection: breeder Subcool shares the secrets of his success. Learn More
  20. Postcards from Brussels

    Dave McKean: Postcard From Brussels


    The award-winning cover artist of Neil Gaiman's Sandman turns his attention to one of the world's most vibrant cities as Dave McKean presents a new travel book filled with drawings inspired by the streets, the people, the artists, and the architecture of Brussels. Learn More
  21. Day Trips In Delmarva

    Day Trips In Delmarva


    A guide to southern Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. Includes information on biking and car-touring too. Learn More
  22. Decadence and Dissolution

    Decadence and Dissolution: Tattoo and Kabuki Art By Kunichika


    Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900) was one of the last great masters of ukiyo-e, the Japanese art of woodblock-printing which peaked in the late Edo and early Meiji periods. Learn More
  23. The Devil's Cloth

    Devil's Cloth: A History of Stripes


    To stripe a surface serves to distinguish it, to point it out, to oppose it or associate it with another surface, and thus to classify it, to keep an eye on it, to verify it, even to censor it. Learn More
  24. Dian Hanson's History of Pin-up Magazines Volumes 1-3

    Dian Hanson's History of Pin-up Magazines Volumes 1-3


    Birth of the newsstand pin-up! The definitive annotated and illustrated history of pin-up magazines—1900-1969. Learn More
  25. Dice #62

    DicE #62


    F@&ck This, Let's Ride! Learn More

Items 101 to 125 of 826 total

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