Here you'll find publications on all sorts of body modification.

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  1. Good Luck

    Good Luck


    Good Luck tattoos are frequently worn by those who really need them: people you would not always call winners. Dice, eight-balls clover leafs, playing-cards, horse shoes: we use all of these symbols to appeal to lucky forces. And if they don’t help, at least you can say: you can’t win if you don’t play. Learn More
  2. Full Coverage

    Full Coverage


    A revised edition of the now sold-out and sought-after Full Coverage book. Learn More
  3. Forever: The New Tattoo

    Forever: The New Tattoo


    Tattoos, which were once an exclusively underground phenomenon, now have mass appeal. Learn More
  4. Forever And Ever

    Forever And Ever: New Works By Shawn Barber


    FOREVER AND EVER picks up where TATTOOED PORTRAITS left off. Learn More
  5. Flash Temporary Tattoos

    Flash Temporary Tattoos


    A wearable showcase of all-new art by award-winning artist James Jean. Learn More
  6. Flash from the Bowery

    Flash from the Bowery: Classic American Tattoos 1900-1950


    Between these pages are images of the original acetate rubbings from Charlie Wagner's turn of the 20th century tattoo shop, The Black Eye Barbershop, in the Bowery at Chatham Square in New York. Learn More
  7. Electric Tattooing By Women

    Electric Tattooing By Women: 1900 - 2003


    Tattooing. Women. History. Learn More
  8. Edgar Allan Poe Temporary Tattoos

    Edgar Allan Poe Temporary Tattoos


    The Tell-Tale Tats! Learn More
  9. Ed Hardy

    Ed Hardy


    The brand known as "Ed Hardy" has sold more than a billion units of merchandise to date and continues to expand into emerging markets. But who is the artist Ed Hardy who created the images that have taken on a life of their own, replicated on everything from shirts to air fresheners to cologne? Learn More
  10. Eat Ink

    Eat Ink: Recipes. Stories. Tattoos.


    Explore the connection between culinary inspiration and one of the world's oldest forms of rebel art! Learn More
  11. Eastern Shadows

    Eastern Shadows: Illustrated Japanese Ghost And Monster Tales (Ukiyo-e Master Series)


    In the late 19th and early 20th century, several Western writers who visited the newly-opened Japan assimilated, translated and published a host of weird, scary and stirring stories from the country's ancient folklore. Learn More
  12. E-Volved Magazine #5

    E-Volved Magazine #5


    Tattoos & Fine Art. Learn More
  13. E-Volved Magazine #3

    E-Volved Magazine #3


    Tattoos & Fine Art. Learn More
  14. E-Volved Magazine #2

    E-Volved Magazine #2


    Tattoos & Fine Art. Learn More
  15. Dream Spectres

    Dream Spectres: Extreme Ukiyo-E: Sex, Blood, Demons, Monsters, Ghosts, Tattoo


    UKIYO-E - "images from the floating world” - were the most popular art-form of 19th century Japan. Like modern-day manga, these prints could be mass-produced and were admired by people from all sectors of society; and as in manga, the art of ukiyo-e included significant sub-genres dealing in violence, erotica and horror. Learn More
  16. Dream Spectres 2

    Dream Spectres 2 - Kabuki Nightmares: Ukiyo-E Ghosts, Magic And Mayhem


    Ukiyo-e, the art of woodblock design and printing, enjoyed a symbiosis with the kabuki theater almost from its inception in the late 17th century, with a significant number of images devoted to the popular theater. Learn More
  17. Drawings For Tattoos

    Drawings For Tattoos


    Gorgeous ground-breaking new book of studies for tattoos from Hardy-Marks! Learn More
  18. Dragons

    Dragons: Chinese, Japanese And Medieval Dragons


    A beautiful and unique collection of historical prints on Chinese, Japanese, Celtic and Medieval Dragons. Learn More
  19. Decadence and Dissolution

    Decadence and Dissolution: Tattoo and Kabuki Art By Kunichika


    Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900) was one of the last great masters of ukiyo-e, the Japanese art of woodblock-printing which peaked in the late Edo and early Meiji periods. Learn More
  20. Danish Tattooing

    Danish Tattooing


    Out of stock

    Danish Tattooing traces the visual development of tattoo culture in Denmark from 1895 up to the present day, including the Golden Age of the 1960s which is particularly rich on fascinating tales from a rough scene. Learn More
  21. Outlaw Swords Of Death

    Cruelty And Carnage: Superviolent Art by Yoshiiku & Others (Ukiyo-e Master Series)


    Muzan-e ("cruel pictures”) and Chimidoro-e ("bloody pictures”) together constitute a significant strand of ukiyo-e, the populist art of late Edo-period Japan. Learn More
  22. Classic Tattoo Designs Coloring Book

    Classic Tattoo Designs Coloring Book


    Pages and pages of skulls, reptiles, and other exciting tattoo images to color. Learn More
  23. Classic Flash in 5 Bold Colors

    Classic Flash in 5 Bold Colors


    Traditional American tattooing has a rich, extensive heritage. Learn More
  24. Classic Flash 2: In 5 Bold Colors

    Classic Flash 2: In 5 Bold Colors


    In more than 100 pieces of contemporary flash, "Tilt" and his collaborators celebrate the lineage of tattoo artists who have paved the way while looking forward to the future of tattooing. Learn More
  25. China Tattoo

    China Tattoo


    Out of stock

    The world's first publication on the art of Chinese skin illustration, a unique and stimulating book on the elusive and secretive Chinese world of permanent body illustration! Learn More

Items 101 to 125 of 140 total

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