Here you'll find publications on all sorts of body modification.

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  1. The Savage Samurai

    Savage Samurai: Warrior Prints 1800-1899 by Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi And Others (Ukiyo-e Master Series)


    MUSHA-E ("warrior pictures”) constitute one of the major and most dynamic sub-genres of ukiyo-e, the populist art of 19th century Japan. Learn More
  2. Skin And Ink Magazine #160

    Skin And Ink Magazine #160


    Out of stock

    The Tattoo Magazine. Learn More
  3. Skin Art #165

    Skin Art #165


    Out of stock

    Your #1 Design Source. Learn More
  4. Skin Deep #242

    Skin Deep #242


    Out of stock

    The UK's Best Selling Tattoo Magazine! Learn More
  5. Smile Hon: Skin Deep

    Smile, Hon, You're In Baltimore!: Skin Deep


    'Tattoos tell stories, even when they don't. They speak of who we are, where we've been, where we're going. They demarcate (or, sometimes, establish solidarity between) both the viewer and the body in question, to which the photographs, poetry and prose within the pages of Skin Deep will attest.' - from the introduction Learn More
  6. Suits Made To Fit

    Suits Made To Fit


    An amazing book of art based on/influenced by full-body tattoos. Learn More
  7. Tabu Tattoo #59

    Tabu Tattoo #59


    XXX Tattoos, Erotic Body Art. Learn More
  8. Take What You Can ... Give Nothing Back

    Take What You Can ... Give Nothing Back


    Over the past ten years Martin LaCasse has created an amazing collection of artwork. His art redefines the universal themes and visual language of the tattoo, through a fine art interpretation. Learn More
  9. Tat2 Magazine #13

    Tat2 Magazine #13


    Out of stock

    Featuring alternative models, tattoo artists and shops, and tattooed musicians & bands. Always looking for the world's best tattoos & tattoo art. Learn More
  10. Tattoo



    The practice of tattooing has an extensive primitive history in Asian and African countries, where it had social, religious and mystical roles. Learn More
  11. Tattoo Collecton #54

    Tattoo Collection #54


    Out of stock

    The British Tattoo Magazine. Learn More
  12. Tattoo Color-In Postcards Card Book

    Tattoo Color-In Postcards


    From the hand of MEGAMUNDEN, here are 20 detachable postcards waiting to be inked by you. Learn More
  13. Tattoo Darling: The Art Of Angelique Houtkamp

    Tattoo Darling: The Art Of Angelique Houtkamp


    Angelique Houtkamp is the inspirational Dutch tattoo mademoiselle of the contemporary art world. Learn More
  14. Tattoo Design Book Volume 4

    Tattoo Design Book Volume 4: Plants : Fujimi Shuppan


    Plants are a popular tattoo motif, regardless of styles, and this fourth volume of Fujimi Shuppan's Tattoo Design Book features a variety of plant designs. Learn More
  15. Tattoo Flash Presents: Tattoo Masters Bookazine 1

    Tattoo Flash Presents: Tattoo Masters Bookazine 1


    Out of stock

    An insightful guide to 48 amazing artists from all over the globe. Learn More
  16. Tattoo History: A Source Book

    Tattoo History: A Source Book


    Out of stock

    A lavishly illustrated collection of historical records of tattooing throughout the world from ancient times to the present. Learn More
  17. Tattoo In Japan

    Tattoo In Japan: Traditional And Modern Styles : Martin Hladik / John Harte / Geoff Johnson / Toshihiro Oshima


    An immense, opulently illustrated volume about the high art of tattooing in Japan. Learn More
  18. Tattoo Machine (soft cover)

    Tattoo Machine: Tall Tales, True Stories, And My Life In Ink


    A behind-the-scenes tour of the fabled tattoo industry on the arm of a swashbuckling insider and natural-born storyteller. Learn More
  19. Tattoo Mystique

    Tattoo Mystique: The Art And World Of Angelique Houtkamp


    Tattoo Mystique is the breathtaking follow-up to Tattoo Darling, a book celebrated for bringing the tattoo aesthetic, nostalgia, and magical vision together through the art and personality of Dutch artist Angelique Houtkamp. Learn More
  20. Tattoo Prodigies

    Tattoo Prodigies: A Collection Of The Best Tattoos By The World's Best Tattoo Artists


    In this day and age, talented artists abound in the tattoo world. Tattoo Prodigies features the world's best tattoo artists with carefully selected, full-color galleries of impressive tattoo and painting accomplishments; as well as inspiring stories and interviews throughout. Learn More
  21. Tattoo Revue #175

    Tattoo Revue #175


    Out of stock

    Art for Every Body. Learn More
  22. Tattoo Sketchbook

    Tattoo Sketchbook: Since 1966


    In recent years, the “tattoo artist sketchbook” has become a valuable resource for great tattoo ideas and designs. Learn More
  23. Tattoo Special #15: For The Girls

    Tattoo Special #15: For The Girls


    From Tattoo Life. Learn More
  24. Tattoo Travel Book

    Tattoo Travel Book


    This slim volume is packed full of beautiful designs by Ben Corday, a tattoo artist and carnival tall man who came to America from England in the early 20th Century. Learn More
  25. Tattoo Tribal #34

    Tattoo Tribal #34


    Out of stock

    Tattoo Tribal is a popular irregular magazine that features pictures of both New Edge and and traditional Japanese tattoo artwork. Learn More

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