"And for God's sake, don't let me ever hear you say, 'I can't read fiction. I only have time for the truth.' Fiction is the truth, fool! Ever hear of 'literature'? That means fiction too, stupid." -John Waters

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  1. The Gun



    In Tokyo a college student’s discovery and eventual obsession with a stolen handgun awakens something dark inside him and threatens to consume not only his life but also his humanity. Nakamura’s Japanese debut is a noir-spun tale that probes the violence inherent to aesthetics. Learn More
  2. Gun Machine (paperback)

    Gun Machine


    Warren Ellis reimagines New York City as a puzzle with the most dangerous pieces of all: GUNS. Learn More
  3. Hannibal Rising

    Hannibal Rising


  4. The Harder They Come

    Harder They Come: A Novel


    Out of stock

    Acclaimed New York Times bestselling author T.C. Boyle makes his Ecco debut with a powerful, gripping novel that explores the roots of violence and anti-authoritarianism inherent in the American character. Learn More
  5. Hardly Knew Her: Stories

    Hardly Knew Her: Stories


    Laura Lippman has been hailed as one of the best crime fiction writers in America today, winning virtually every major award in the genre. Learn More
  6. He Died With His Eyes Open

    He Died with His Eyes Open (Factory 1)


    As it turns out, a dead man can tell stories... Learn More
  7. He Said; She Said!

    He Said; She Said!

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price: $12.00

    Another Baltimore Story! Learn More
  8. Heed The Thunder

    Heed The Thunder


    In the rural town of Verdon, Nebraska, in the early days of the 20th century, you can't go ten feet without running into one of the Fargos. Learn More
  9. A Hell Of A Woman

    Hell Of A Woman


    Frank "Dolly" Dillon has a job he hates, working sales and collections for Pay-E-Zee Stores, a wife named Joyce he can't stand, and an account balance that barely allows him to pay the bills each month. Learn More
  10. Hemlock Grove

    Hemlock Grove: A Novel


    An exhilarating reinvention of the gothic novel, inspired by the iconic characters of our greatest myths and nightmares. Learn More
  11. Hollywood Boulevard

    Hollywood Boulevard


    Out of stock

    In a psychosomatic masterpiece, John Gilmore explores the dichotomy of a young man and woman's wants and desires as opposed to harsh reality. Learn More
  12. holy smoke cover

    Holy Smoke


    Holy Smoke is set in the Italian working class suburbs of Paris and in Southern Italy. Learn More
  13. Hoodfella's Incorporated

    Hoodfella's Incorporated: A Baltimore Story...


    RJ Johnson takes the reader through the mind and madness of a character known on the streets of Baltimore as "Buckey". Learn More
  14. Horns

    Horns: A Novel


    When it comes to revenge, the devil is in the details... Learn More
  15. The Hound of the Baskervilles

    Hound of the Baskervilles (Pulp! The Classics Edition)


    Murder, mayhem, and a hero with a drug addiction! Learn More
  16. Hound (softcover)

    Hound: A Mystery


    "Death was, after all, the way Henry made his living.” Learn More
  17. The Hunter and Other Stories

    Hunter and Other Stories


    THE HUNTER AND OTHER STORIES is a unique literary publication from one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, Dashiell Hammett. Learn More
  18. Hush Hush (paperback)

    Hush Hush: A Tess Monaghan Novel


    The award-winning New York Times bestselling author of After I’m Gone, The Most Dangerous Thing, I’d Know You Anywhere, and What the Dead Know brings back private detective Tess Monaghan, introduced in the classic Baltimore Blues, in an absorbing mystery that plunges the new parent into a disturbing case involving murder and a manipulative mother. Learn More
  19. I Spit On Your Graves

    I Spit On Your Graves


    Published in Paris in 1946 as a thriller loaded with sex and blood, allegedly censored in the US. Learn More
  20. I'd Know You Anywhere (trade paperback)

    I'd Know You Anywhere: A Novel


    The acclaimed New York Times bestselling author returns with a new stand-alone novel—a powerful and utterly riveting tale that skillfully moves between past and present to explore the lasting effects of crime on a victim's life... I'd Know You Anywhere Learn More
  21. I-5

    I-5: A Novel of Crime, Transport, and Sex


    A novel of crime, transport, and sex, I-5 tells the bleak and brutal story of Anya and her journey north from Los Angeles to Oakland on the interstate that bisects the Central Valley of California. Learn More
  22. In A Strange City

    In a Strange City: A Tess Monaghan Novel


    It is a Charm City tradition—an annual visit to the Baltimore gravesite of Edgar Allan Poe on the renowned author’s birthday by a mysterious cloaked figure bearing gifts of three roses and a half bottle of cognac. Learn More
  23. In Big Trouble (new mmpb)

    In Big Trouble (mmpb)


    Edgar Award-winner Laura Lippman is developing a reputation as one of the most exciting new detective fiction authors in years. Learn More
  24. In Big Trouble

    In Big Trouble (tpb)


    Edgar Award-winner Laura Lippman is developing a reputation as one of the most exciting new detective fiction authors in years. Learn More
  25. In The Woods

    In The Woods


    A gorgeously written novel that marks the debut of an astonishing new voice in psychological suspense. Learn More

Items 101 to 125 of 275 total

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