Hard-boiled, two-fisted, whodunnits and noir.

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  1. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon (mmpb)


    A second family has been massacred by the terrifying serial killer the press has christened "The Tooth Fairy." Special Agent Jack Crawford turns to the one man who can help restart a failed investigation - Will Graham. Learn More
  2. Recoil



    Patrick Cosgrove used to think he'd do anything not to be a prisoner of Sandstone State Reformatory. Fifteen years on the inside for a victimless crime, under the care of a warden whose penchant for violence is legendary--surely nothing could be worse. Learn More
  3. Rebecca



    With these words, the reader is ushered into an isolated gray stone mansion on the windswept Cornish coast, as the second Mrs. Maxim de Winter recalls the chilling events that transpired as she began her new life as the young bride of a husband she barely knew. Learn More
  4. Real World: A Novel

    Real World: A Novel


    A stunning new work of the feminist noir that Natsuo Kirino defined and made her own in her novels Out and Grotesque. Learn More
  5. Raylan: A Novel (paperback)

    Raylan: A Novel


    The revered New York Times bestselling author, recognized as “America’s greatest crime writer” (Newsweek), brings back U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, the mesmerizing hero of Pronto, Riding the Rap, and the hit FX series Justified. Learn More
  6. Rake: A Novel

    Rake: A Novel


    The landscape of contemporary Paris, the best restaurants, the trendiest bars and clubs, is usually filled with the wealthy, the famous, and le rake or le roué, the charming, educated sophisticate with little or no conscience. Learn More
  7. Quarry's Vote

    Quarry's Vote


  8. Pulp: A Novel

    Pulp: A Novel


    Bukowksi's final novel is a departure from his usual semi-autobiographical tales of drunkeness and debauchery. Learn More
  9. Pulling A Train

    Pulling A Train: Violent Stories Of Naked Passions


    All hail the first hip pocket volume of Ellison short stories culled from the rarest of his titles, SEX GANG, which was issued under the name of Paul Merchant in 1959. Learn More
  10. Pronto



    The feds want Miami bookmaker Harry Arno to squeal on his wiseguy boss. So they're putting word out on the street that Arno's skimming profits from "Jimmy Cap" Capotorto—which he is, but everybody does it. He was planning to retire to Italy someday anyway, so Harry figures now's a good time to get lost. Learn More
  11. Pro Bono

    Pro Bono: A Novel


    When Kiriko Yanagida first came to Otsuka's law offices, she had only a familial conviction of her brother's innocence despite his confessing to the murder. Learn More
  12. Prime

    Prime: A Novel


    Two years after the opening of Liquor, New Orleans chefs Rickey and G-man are immersed in the life of their restaurant, enjoying a loyal cast of diners, and cooking great booze-laced food. Learn More
  13. Pretty Girls

    Pretty Girls: A Novel


    Sisters. Strangers. Survivors. Learn More
  14. The Postman Always Rings Twice

    Postman Always Rings Twice


    An amoral young tramp. A beautiful, sullen woman with an inconvenient husband. A problem that has only one grisly solution--a solution that only creates other problems that no one can ever solve. Learn More
  15. Porno: A Novel

    Porno: A Novel


    PORNO is a novel about the TRAINSPOTTING crew ten years further down the line: still scheming, still scamming, still fighting for the first-class seats as the train careens at high velocity with derailment looming around the next corner. Learn More
  16. Pop. 1280 (Mulholland Edition)

    Pop. 1280


    Nick Corey is a terrible sheriff on purpose. He doesn't solve problems, enforce rules or arrest criminals. He knows that nobody in tiny Potts County actually wants to follow the law and he is perfectly content lazing about, eating five meals a day, and sleeping with all the eligible women. Learn More
  17. Police

    Police: A Novel


    A vindictive killer is stalking Oslo’s streets, slaying police officers at the scenes of crimes they once investigated but failed to solve. The department urgently needs Harry Hole. Learn More
  18. Pimp

    Pimp (Hard Case Crime)


    Ruined and on the lam, former drug kingpin Max Fisher stumbles upon the biggest discovery of his crooked life: a designer drug called PIMP that could put him back on top. Learn More
  19. Piercing

    Piercing: A Novel


    A pulsating psycho-thriller from Ryu Murakami, author of In the Miso Soup. Learn More
  20. Perfidia

    Perfidia: A Novel


    From "one of the great American writers of our time" (Los Angeles Times Book Review)-a brilliant crime/historical novel, and his largest, most accessible novel yet: a pulse-pounding, as-it-happens narrative that unfolds in Los Angeles over twenty-three days beginning on December 6, 1941. Learn More
  21. A Perfect Crime

    Perfect Crime


    On a normal day in provincial China, a bored high-school student goes about his regular business. Learn More
  22. The Painter

    Painter: A Novel


    Peter Heller, the celebrated author of the breakout best seller The Dog Stars, returns with an achingly beautiful, wildly suspenseful second novel about an artist trying to outrun his past. Learn More
  23. Outer Dark

    Outer Dark


    Outer Dark is a novel at once fabular and starkly evocative, set is an unspecified place in Appalachia, sometime around the turn of the century. Learn More
  24. Our Kind Of Traitor: A Novel

    Our Kind Of Traitor: A Novel


    In this exquisitely told novel, John le Carré shows us once again his acute understanding of the world we live in and where power really lies. Learn More
  25. The Orchard Keeper

    Orchard Keeper


    An American classic, The Orchard Keeper is the first novel by one of America's finest, most celebrated novelists. Learn More

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