Publications collecting verse.

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  1. Running For Trap Doors

    Running For Trap Doors


    "THE VIOLENT SWIRL AND JOY OF LIFE'S INCESSANT MOSH PIT"- This is how Rachel McKibbens describes Joanna Hoffman's poetry, and her debut collection, RUNNING FOR TRAP DOORS, lives up to the description. Learn More
  2. S.O.S: Poems

    S O S: Poems 1961-2013


    Fusing the personal and the political in high-voltage verse, Amiri Baraka—"whose long illumination of the black experience in America was called incandescent in some quarters and incendiary in others" (New York Times)—was one of the preeminent literary innovators of the past century. Learn More
  3. Saint Friend

    Saint Friend


    Saint Friend is that rare book that speaks in the voice of a generation. Learn More
  4. Satan Says

    Satan Says


    Winner of the 1981 Poetry Center Book Award. Learn More
  5. Scandalabra



    Derrick Brown's long awaited new collection of poetry and prose, Scandalabra, is a book that boils with true grit Americana, sensual power and black oceanic wildness. Learn More
  6. Scattered Poems

    Scattered Poems


    Spontaneous poetry by the author of On the Road, gathered from underground and ephemeral publications; including “San Francisco Blues,” the variant texts of “Pull My Daisy,” and American haiku. Learn More
  7. The Second Sex

    Second Sex


    A second collection from a poet of "sheer joy and dizzy command" (The New York Times). Learn More
  8. Secondary Sound

    Secondary Sound


    Poems and fiction exploring digital piracy, copyright reform and ringtones. Learn More
  9. Selected Unpublished Blog Posts Of A Mexican Panda Express Employee

    Selected Unpublished Blog Posts Of A Mexican Panda Express Employee


    Megan Boyle's debut poetry collection is at once confessional, sociological, emotional, detached, funny, sad, delightful, reckless, and meditative. Learn More
  10. Septuagenarian Stew

    Septuagenarian Stew: Stories & Poems


    Bukowski turns 70, and still churns out the poetry. Learn More
  11. Shock By Shock

    Shock by Shock


    Dean Young escorts his transplanted heart into invigorating poetic territory that combines the joy of being alive with his signature mixture of surrealism, humor, and fast-cut imagery. Learn More
  12. slouching toward nirvana

    Slouching Toward Nirvana: New Poems


    Posthumous sure, but arguably one of Bukowski's best poetry collections. Learn More
  13. Stag's Leap

    Stag's Leap: Poems


    Stag’s Leap is stunningly poignant sequence of poems that tells the story of a divorce, embracing strands of love, sex, sorrow, memory, and new freedom. Learn More
  14. Stay, Illusion

    Stay, Illusion: Poems


    Stay, Illusion, the much-anticipated volume of poems by Lucie Brock-Broido, illuminates the broken but beautiful world she inhabits. Learn More
  15. Suicide by Jaguar

    Suicide by Jaguar / Suicidio por jaguar


    "A remarkable first book" - Campbell McGrath Learn More
  16. Sun Ra: Collected Works Vol. 1

    Sun Ra: Collected Works Volume 1: Immeasurable Equation


    260 Cosmic Poems And Selected Prose Of Jazz Legend Sun Ra. Learn More
  17. Tenth Muse

    Tenth Muse


    A poetry zine loosely based on the structure of Greek tragedy. Learn More
  18. The Autocaust: Coincidence

    The Autocaust: Coincidence


    The 3rd installment of SevenTenBishop Periodicals. Learn More
  19. The Continual Condition

    The Continual Condition: Poems


    A volume of never-before-collected poems from America's most imitated and influential poet. Learn More
  20. The Emily Dickinson Reader

    The Emily Dickinson Reader: An English-to-English Translation of Emily Dickinson's Complete Poems


    Perfect for the poetry fan who is short on time, The Emily Dickinson Reader offers Paul Legault’s ingenious and madcap one-line renderings of each of Dickinson’s 1,789 poems. Learn More
  21. The Forest of Sure Things

    The Forest of Sure Things


    The Forest of Sure Things is a layered sequence of poems set in a remote, historical village at the tip of a peninsula on the Northwest coast, near where Lewis and Clark encountered the Pacific. Learn More
  22. The Girl Who Loved Mothra

    The Girl Who Loved Mothra


    "In a masterful use of diction and image, blending ancient tradition with modern angst, Shiori's poems take us to unexpected places. If you are a poetry reader, take pleasure." -Leah Maines Learn More
  23. The Infinite All Right

    The Infinite All Right


    A father-son zine. Learn More
  24. The Journeymen

    The Journeymen


    The poems in The Journeymen wander from the high desert of Arizona to the bars of Ireland; from the library at Columbia University to the classrooms of a juvenile detention center; from the streets of Los Angeles to a hike up Mars Hill to a lonely Greyhound highway all in search of the little narratives that create the meaning in our increasingly fragmented lives. Learn More
  25. The Last Night Of The Earth Poems

    The Last Night Of The Earth Poems


    Another fine collection of Bukowski's poetry. Learn More

Items 101 to 125 of 148 total

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