The titles you'll find in this section go a long way in helping these much-maligned genres.

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  1. Good Omens

    Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (mmpb)


    According to The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (the world's only completely accurate book of prophecies, written in 1655, before she exploded), the world will end on a Saturday. Next Saturday, in fact. Just before dinner. Learn More
  2. Good On Paper

    Good On Paper


  3. The Graveyard Book

    Graveyard Book (tpb)


    Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. Learn More
  4. Habst and the Disney Saboteurs

    Habst and the Disney Saboteurs - SIGNED!


    Habst and the Disney Saboteurs tells the tale of Reginald “Habst” Habstermeister: burnout, urban explorer, and loveable loser. Learn More
  5. The Handmaid's Tale

    Handmaid's Tale


    In the world of the near future, who will control women's bodies? Learn More
  6. Hard-Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World

    Hard-Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World


    Japan's most widely-read and controversial writer, author of A WILD SHEEP CHASE! Learn More
  7. Heart-Shaped Box

    Heart-Shaped Box: A Novel


    The publication of Joe Hill’s beautifully textured, deliciously scary debut novel Heart-Shaped Box was greeted with the sort of overwhelming critical acclaim that is rare for a work of skin-crawling supernatural terror. Learn More
  8. Hellboy: Emerald Hell

    Hellboy: Emerald Hell (novel)


    Hellboy comes to the crossroads in Enigma, Georgia, a small town plagued by strange occurrences. Learn More
  9. Hellboy: Oddest Jobs

    Hellboy: Oddest Jobs


    Out of stock

    And you thought Hell was weird . . . Learn More
  10. Hellboy: The Fire Wolves

    Hellboy: The Fire Wolves (Novel)


    Hellboy is called to Amalfi, Italy, by Franca, a young member of the Esposito family. She fears that a dark curse on her family is about to claim her cousin as its next victim. Learn More
  11. Hello America

    Hello America: A Novel


    "This fable lifts a great freight of ideas effortlessly…The story of an expedition driven on by wishes of possession and power but guided internally by myths of America whose sources lie in the late 20th century." —Guardian Learn More
  12. Here Comes a Chopper to Chop Off Your Head

    Here Comes a Chopper to Chop Off Your Head: The Dark Side of Childhood Rhymes and Stories


    The terrifying events that befell the first Sleeping Beauty when she finally woke up, how Snow White's stepmother really died, and who the wolf actually was in Little Red Riding Hood—the true stories behind beloved nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Learn More
  13. Hidden Wheel

    Hidden Wheel


    Out of stock

    When an art scene takes root in a pop-up colony called Freedom Springs, micro-visionary Ben Wilfork promotes the giant, autobiographical 600 square foot canvases of former chess prodigy and high end dominatrix Rhonda Barrett using his Hidden Wheel as a bridge to the future before pre-Datastrophe history completes itself. Learn More
  14. A Highly Unlikely Scenario

    Highly Unlikely Scenario, or a Neetsa Pizza Employee's Guide to Saving the World: A Novel


    In the not-too-distant future, competing giant fast food factions rule the world. Leonard works for Neetsa Pizza, the Pythagorean pizza chain, in a lonely but highly surveilled home office, answering calls on his complaints hotline. Learn More
  15. Historical Illuminatus Chronicles Volume 1

    Historical Illuminatus Chronicles Volume 1: The Earth Will Shake - The History Of The Early Illuminati


    They have been with us all through history: The 'Invisible College' of wisdom, and their adversaries-the destroyers-who rise from the flames to burn again. The history of the world is their story: a conspiracy as vast and all-encompassing as the riddle of time itself. Learn More
  16. Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

    Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy


    Seconds before Earth is demolished to make way for a galactic freeway, Arthur Dent is plucked off the planet by his friend Ford Prefect, a researcher for the revised edition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy who, for the last fifteen years, has been posing as an out-of-work actor. Learn More
  17. Horns

    Horns: A Novel


    When it comes to revenge, the devil is in the details... Learn More
  18. How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe: A Novel (trade paperback)

    How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe: A Novel


    National Book Foundation 5 Under 35 Award winner Charles Yu delivers his debut novel, a razor-sharp, ridiculously funny, and utterly touching story of a son searching for his father . . . through quantum space–time. Learn More
  19. The Humans

    Humans: A Novel


    The bestselling, award-winning author of The Radleys is back with his funniest, most devastating dark comedy yet, a “silly, sad, suspenseful, and soulful” (Philadelphia Inquirer) novel that’s “full of heart” (Entertainment Weekly). Learn More
  20. Husk: A Novel

    Husk: A Novel


    Out of stock

    Outlandish and emotional, this humorous novel centers on Sheldon Funk, a struggling actor who dies in a bus restroom only to awaken during his autopsy and attack the coroner. Learn More
  21. The Hydrogen Sonata (paperback)

    Hydrogen Sonata


    The Scavenger species are circling. It is, truly, provably, the End Days for the Gzilt civilization. Learn More
  22. I Am Princess X

    I Am Princess X


    Best friends, big fans, a mysterious webcomic, and a long-lost girl collide in this riveting novel, perfect for fans of both Cory Doctorow and Sarah Dessen, and illustrated throughout with comics. Learn More
  23. Illuminatus Trilogy

    Illuminatus Trilogy


    Filled with sex and violence--in and out of time and space--the three books of The Illuminatus are only partly works of the imagination. Learn More
  24. Insurgent (softcover)

    Insurgent (Divergent Book 2)


    One choice can transform you—or it can destroy you. But every choice has consequences, and as unrest surges in the factions all around her, Tris Prior must continue trying to save those she loves—and herself—while grappling with haunting questions of grief and forgiveness, identity and loyalty, politics and love. Learn More
  25. The Invisible Man

    Invisible Man: A Grotesque Romance


    One of the most beloved works of science fiction. Learn More

Items 151 to 175 of 410 total

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