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  1. 101 Essential Rock Records

    101 Essential Rock Records


    This volume is a tribute to the vinyl album and celebrates 101 of rock s most influential records - from The Beatles' 1963 debut Please Please Me - through the Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks (1977.) Learn More
  2. Baltimore Sounds

    Baltimore Sounds


    Baltimore entertainment 1950-2000 all in one volume! Learn More
  3. Extraordinary Records

    Extraordinary Records (Colors Magazine)


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    The High Baroque Of Vinyl Recordings. Learn More
  4. Real Life Rock

    Real Life Rock: The Complete Top Ten Columns, 1986-2014


    For nearly thirty years, Greil Marcus has written a remarkable column called “Real Life Rock Top Ten.” Learn More
  5. Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll

    Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll


    The author of the critically acclaimed Elvis Presley biography Last Train to Memphis brings us the life of Sam Phillips, the visionary genius who singlehandedly steered the revolutionary path of Sun Records. Learn More
  6. Song Reader

    Song Reader


    In the wake of Modern Guilt and The Information, Beck’s latest project comes in an almost-forgotten form—twenty songs existing only as individual pieces of sheet music, never before released or recorded. Learn More
  7. Songbook



    What will people think if you play Van Morrison at your funeral? When was the last time you listened to Pet Sounds? How does a mandolin solo illustrate or clarify the plight of Eskimos, anyway? Learn More
  8. Sound System Culture

    Sound System Culture: Celebrating Huddersfield's Sound Systems


    The British town of Huddersfield, nestled within the Pennine hills of West Yorkshire, has played an important role in the history of UK sound system culture. Learn More
  9. Wired Up!

    Wired Up!: Glam Proto Punk and Bubblegum European Picture Sleeves 1970-1976


    Wired Up! is the first book to fully document the underground European glam rock scene of the early 1970s, cataloging hundreds of the best and most sought after junkshop glam, proto-punk and bubblegum 45 sleeves from the 1970-76 period. Learn More

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