Do you spell "Hip-hop" as one word, with a hyphen or two words and no hyphen? Or do you just call it "rap"? Or is it all really just jazz to you?

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  1. Miles Davis' Bitches Brew

    33 1/3 Volume 110: Miles Davis' Bitches Brew


    It was 1969, and Miles Davis, prince of cool, was on the edge of being left behind by a dynamic generation of young musicians, an important handful of whom had been in his band. Learn More
  2. 33 1/3: Live At The Apollo

    33 1/3 Volume 13: James Brown's Live At The Apollo


    In this remarkable book, Douglas Wolk brings to life an October evening in 1962, at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem: an evening at the height of Cold War tensions. Learn More
  3. DJ Shadow's Endtroducing...

    33 1/3 Volume 24: DJ Shadow's Endtroducing...


    What resonated about Endtroducing when it was released in 1996, and what makes it still resonate today, is the way in which it loosens itself from the mooring of the known and sails off into an uncharted territory that seems to exist both in and out of time. Learn More
  4. 33 1/3: The Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique

    33 1/3 Volume 30: The Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique


    PAUL'S BOUTIQUE transformed the Beastie Boys from frat-boy novelty to critically lauded hip-hop giants. Learn More
  5. 33 1/3: Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key Of Life

    33 1/3 Volume 42: Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key Of Life


    In the autumn of 1976, when Stevie Wonder unveiled SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE to the world, it was immediately apparent that this was an album of considerable genius and undeniable scope. Learn More
  6. 33 1/3: People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths of Rhythm

    33 1/3 Volume 47: A Tribe Called Quest's People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm


    While A Tribe Called Quest was a sample-heavy group, they steered away from the ubiquitous funk and old-school samples of their fellow Native Tongue members and embraced rock and roll and jazz; this musical form would become their signature style. Learn More
  7. Nas' Illmatic

    33 1/3 Volume 64: Nas' Illmatic


    This book explores a key hip hop album marking the cross over point where the streets and the charts collided. Learn More
  8. 33 1/3 Vol. 71: Public Enemy's It Takes A Nation...

    33 1/3 Volume 71: Public Enemy's It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back


    Christopher Weingarten provides a thrilling account of how the Bomb Squad produced such a singular-sounding record: engineering, sampling, scratching, constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing - even occasionally stomping on vinyl that sounded too clean. Learn More
  9. 33 1/3: Amazing Grace

    33 1/3 Volume 84: Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace


    For two nights in January 1972, Aretha Franklin sang at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, while tape recorders and film cameras rolled. Learn More
  10. Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    33 1/3 Volume 97: Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


    In the first decade of the twenty-first century, Kanye West created the most compelling body of pop music by an American artist during the period. Learn More
  11. Beat Box

    Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession


    Joe Mansfield's 200-page Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession coffee-table book features 75 drum machines from the author's personal collection, with more than 200 photos by Gary Land, and a foreword by Dave Tompkins. Learn More
  12. Beats To The Rhyme

    Beats to the Rhyme: A Collection of Instrumental Hip-Hop Records for the Beat Connoisseur


    Author Al Patterson started collecting vinyl in elementary school. He's since amassed a serious collection and deep knowledge of instrumental-only Hip Hop records. Learn More
  13. Behind The Beat

    Behind the Beat: Hip Hop Home Studios


    The revealing photographs found within the pages of Behind the Beat expose the creative spaces of top DJ's and music producers from the UK and US. Learn More
  14. Big Freedia

    Big Freedia: God Save the Queen Diva


    From the eponymous star of the most popular reality show in Fuse TV’s history, this no-holds-barred memoir tells the story of a gay, self-proclaimed mama’s boy who exploded onto the formerly underground Bounce music scene—a hip-hop subgenre—and found acceptance, healing, self-expression, and stardom! Learn More
  15. Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression

    Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression


    Purveyor of extraordinary music and an arbiter of cool, Blue Note is the definitive jazz label—signing the best artists, pioneering the best recording techniques, and lead cover design trends with punchy, iconic artwork and typography that shaped the way we see the music itself. Learn More
  16. Bring The Noise

    Bring the Noise: 20 Years of Writing about Hip Rock and Hip Hop


    Bring the Noise weaves together interviews, reviews, essays, and features to create a critical history of the last twenty years of pop culture, juxtaposing the voices of many of rock and hip hop’s most provocative artists—Morrissey, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, The Stone Roses, P.J. Harvey, Radiohead—with Reynolds’s own passionate analysis. Learn More
  17. Brothas Be Yo Like George Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You: A Memoir

    Brothas Be Yo Like George Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You: A Memoir


    In this seminal music memoir, Father of Funk George Clinton talks four decades of hit songs, drug abuse, the evolution of pop, rock, and soul music, his legal pitfalls, and much much more. Learn More
  18. Can't Stop Won't Stop

    Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation


    Forged in the fires of the Bronx and Kingston, Jamaica, hip-hop became the Esperanto of youth rebellion and a generation-defining movement. Learn More
  19. Cat On A Hot Thin Groove

    Cat on a Hot Thin Groove


    On the long road to becoming an Oscar-winning animation director, Gene Deitch became an intense jazz fan. At the age of 21, he discovered The Record Changer magazine, a jazz collector's magazine filled with fanatical, scholarly, and purist essays about jazz as well as listings of hard-to-find jazz albums. Learn More
  20. Check The Technique Vol. 1

    Check the Technique Volume 1: Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies


    A Tribe Called Quest • Beastie Boys • De La Soul • Eric B. & Rakim • The Fugees • KRS-One • Pete Rock & CL Smooth • Public Enemy • The Roots • Run-DMC • Wu-Tang Clan • and twenty-five more hip-hop immortals Learn More
  21. Check The Technique Vol. 2

    Check the Technique Volume 2: More Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies


    Twenty-Five classic albums from the 1980s and 90s are lovingly and extensively profiled by acclaimed rap journalist Brian Coleman in this impressive volume, making it mandatory reading for all Hip-Hop junkies. Learn More
  22. Cold Sweat: My Father James Brown and Me

    Cold Sweat: My Father James Brown and Me


    Being the child of a global superstar is never easy, but being the daughter of the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business”—that’s a category unto itself. Learn More
  23. Darkest America

    Darkest America: Black Minstrelsy from Slavery to Hip-Hop


    An exploration and celebration of a controversial tradition that, contrary to popular opinion, is alive and active after more than 150 years. Learn More
  24. The Dirty Version

    Dirty Version: On Stage, in the Studio, and in the Streets with Ol' Dirty Bastard


    On the tenth anniversary of his death, The Dirty Version is the first biography of hip hop superstar and founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, to be written by someone from his inner circle: his right-hand man and best friend, Buddha Monk. Learn More
  25. Dreams to Remember

    Dreams to Remember: Otis Redding, Stax Records, and the Transformation of Southern Soul


    When he died in one of rock's string of tragic plane crashes, Otis Redding was only twenty-six, yet already the avatar of a new kind of soul music. Learn More

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