Titles about musical outsiders and experimentalists.

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  1. Future Days

    Future Days: Krautrock and the Birth of a Revolutionary New Music


    A sweeping history of the men and women who transformed postwar Germany—and created a musical genre that revolutionized rock and roll and gave birth to hip-hop. Learn More
  2. A Mammal's Notebook

    Mammal's Notebook: The Writings Of Erik Satie


    This is the largest selection, in any language, of the writings of Erik Satie (1866-1925). Learn More
  3. Mellodrama, the Mellotron Story

    Mellodrama, the Mellotron Story: How Harry Chamberlin's Magic Box Set Loose the Beatles, Prog Rock, Post-Punk, and "Free Bird"


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    NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL: November 13. Pre-order now. Release dates and prices are tentative. Learn More
  4. Sound In Z

    Sound in Z: Experiments in Sound and Electronic Music in Early 20th-Century Russia


    Sound in Z supplies the astounding and long-lost chapter in the early story of electronic music: the Soviet experiment, a chapter that runs from 1917 to the late 1930s. Learn More

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