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  1. Frankenstein Underground

    Frankenstein Underground


    After a fight with Hellboy, Frankenstein's monster escapes the terrible Mexican laboratory where he was imprisoned and discovers strange creatures beneath the desert, where he'll learn some of the greatest secrets of the mystical world in the strangest Hellboy spinoff yet! Learn More
  2. Freeman's: The Best New Writing on Arrival

    Freeman's: The Best New Writing on Arrival


    We live today in constant motion, traveling distances rapidly, small ones daily, arriving in new states. In this inaugural edition of Freeman's, a new biannual of unpublished writing, former Granta editor and NBCC president John Freeman brings together the best new fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about that electrifying moment when we arrive. Learn More
  3. Fubar Mother Russia

    Fubar Mother Russia


    Stalingrad, 1943. In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, a Soviet sniper risks her life to protect something she hasn't seen in a long time: a perfectly healthy baby boy. Learn More
  4. Get A Grip

    Get a Grip: Stories


    The stories in Get a Grip depict a range of imagined lives. Learn More
  5. Greenberg The Vampire

    Greenberg The Vampire


    Oscar Greenberg is not your typical vampire. He doesn't drink human blood, for one. Learn More
  6. Greetings From Krampus: 24 Assorted Postcards

    Greetings From Krampus: 24 Assorted Postcards


    At last —a high-quality full-color boxed set of Krampus postcards! Learn More
  7. Hair On Soap

    Hair On Soap Diary


    A Diary You Can Stick With. Learn More
  8. The Haunted Life (paperback)

    Haunted Life: and Other Writings


    1944 was a troubled and momentous year for Jack Kerouac. Learn More
  9. Hilda And The Troll

    Hilda And The Troll


    A new edition of Hilda's first magical adventure in the land of Trolberg, by British Comic Award winner Luke Pearson. Learn More
  10. Holiday Grumpy Elf Dunny

    Holiday Grumpy Elf Dunny


    Collective Bargaining at the North Pole? Learn More
  11. How Star Wars Conquered the Universe (softcover)

    How Star Wars Conquered the Universe: The Past, Present, and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise


    In 1973, a young filmmaker named George Lucas scribbled some notes for a far-fetched space-fantasy epic. Learn More
  12. How To Make Tea

    How to Make Tea


    How do you like your tea? Learn More
  13. Howler #9

    Howler Magazine #9


    A Magazine About Soccer. Learn More
  14. Human Body Theater

    Human Body Theater


    From bones to skin and everything in between, Human Body Theater takes readers on a fascinating and highly educational tour of the body in comics format! Learn More
  15. I'm The Man (paperback)

    I'm the Man: The Story of That Guy from Anthrax


    I'm the Man is the fast–paced, humorous, and revealing memoir from the man who co-founded Anthrax, the band that proved to the masses that brutality and fun didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Learn More
  16. Infinity Net

    Infinity Net: The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama


    Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929) is one of the most talked-about artists working today. Learn More
  17. Information Doesn't Want To Be Free (paperback)

    Information Doesn't Want to Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age


    In sharply argued, fast-moving chapters, Cory Doctorow’s Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free takes on the state of copyright and creative success in the digital age. Learn More
  18. Jacobin #19

    Jacobin #19


    A magazine founded on the premise that there still is an audience for critical commentary. Learn More
  19. Jesus' Son: Stories

    Jesus' Son: Stories (Picador Modern Classics)


    American master Denis Johnson's nationally bestselling collection of blistering and indelible tales about America's outcasts and wanderers. Learn More
  20. Klaxon



    In a not-too-distant past or present, three unemployed slackers find themselves embroiled in an unusual dispute with new neighbors: Carole and her weeping mother. Learn More
  21. Krampus Greeting Cards Set 2

    Krampus Greeting Cards Set 2


    The second deluxe full-color set of creepy Krampus greeting cards (reproduced from scarce vintage designs) contains 20 high-quality cards with blank interiors —two each of 10 different images —and 21 red envelopes enclosed in a keepsake decorative tin box. Send Krampus cards to naughty family members and friends, and make Christmas fun again. Learn More
  22. The Law of Chaos

    Law of Chaos: The Multiverse of Michael Moorcock


    “This new book, the latest Moorcockian meteorite to flash across the heavens, is a timely reminder of the scope, depth, heart and magnificence of an author with numerous readers, bright-eyed fans, global correspondents, but far less mainstream acknowledgement than he deserves. The glory of the work, in its astonishing reach and range, is that it can be freshly excavated by every rising generation.” -Iain Sinclair Learn More
  23. The Letters of Joe Hill

    Letters of Joe Hill: Centenary Edition


    Radical songwriter and organizer Joe Hill was murdered by the capitalist state in 1915, but his songs continue to inspire working-class activists and musicians. Learn More
  24. Little Shoppe Of Horrors #35

    Little Shoppe of Horrors #35


    The Journal Of Classic British Horror Films. Learn More
  25. Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus Vol. 10

    Lone Wolf And Cub Omnibus Volume 10


    WithLike leaves circling a maelstrom, Ogami Ittō and his mortal enemy, Yagyū Retsudō, are drawn inexorably by currents of vengeance toward their final confrontation. Learn More

Items 51 to 75 of 134 total

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