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  1. 1602 Witch Hunter Angela

    1602 Witch Hunter Angela


    In one of the most magical realms on Battleworld, Angela and Sera are Witch Hunters -- the scourges of King James' England, just as it stood in 1602. Learn More
  2. Abe Sapien #31

    Abe Sapien #31


    Our villain reaches his goal-the mythic Black School, where his training began over two hundred years ago. Learn More
  3. Adventure Time #49

    Adventure Time #49


    The series continues. Learn More
  4. Agents of SHIELD #2

    Agents Of SHIELD #2


    The good news for Phil Coulson is that he's been reunited with his former love, Lola - who, it turns out, is not a flying car. Learn More
  5. All New All Different Avengers #5

    All New All Different Avengers #5


    The villain pulling the Avengers' strings stands revealed - someone who's been a part of Avengers history for almost all of the team's existence, in a way you've never seen them before! Learn More
  6. All New Hawkeye #4

    All New Hawkeye #4


    It's a brand-new adventure all about Kate-Hawkeye! Learn More
  7. All New Wolverine #5

    All-New Wolverine #5


  8. Amazing Forest #2

    Amazing Forest #2


    Tales for the bold. Ideas for the strange. Learn More
  9. Amazing Spider-Man #7

    Amazing Spider-Man #7


    Cloak and Dagger are serving MISTER NEGATIVE in his war on Spider-Man! But how?! Learn More
  10. Badger #1 (promo)

    Badger #1


    Fans have demanded it and now, at long last, the Badger returns! Learn More
  11. Batman #49

    Batman #49


    It is time. Learn More
  12. Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3

    Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3


    The Batcave is overrun with turtles-and its landlord is not at all pleased about it. Learn More
  13. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns


    It's the thirtieth anniversary of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, and now DC Comics presents this classic title in a newly redesigned edition! Learn More
  14. Bizarro 1



    Superman's mirror-opposite enemy is back in his own solo series collecting the 6-issue miniseries and the Sneak Peek story from CONVERGENCE: SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL #2! But let's describe this in a way that makes sense: Learn More
  15. Bob's Burgers #8

    Bob's Burgers #8


    Issue #8 of the Bob's Burgers Ongoing Comic Book offers readers a heaping plate of freshly cooked stories! Learn More
  16. Captain Marvel #2

    Captain Marvel #2


    Between hosting a contingent of alien ambassadors, passive aggressive power struggles with her Flight Commander, Abigail Brand, and an insatiable itch to be on the front lines, Carol Danvers A.K.A. Captain Marvel struggles to find her footing on the new Alpha Flight Space Station. Learn More
  17. Complete Chi's Sweet Home Part 2

    Complete Chi's Sweet Home Part 2


    Chi's Sweet Home is recognized as one of the most popular cartoon properties in Japan today. Learn More
  18. Constantine The Hellblazer Volume 1: Going Down

    Constantine The Hellblazer Volume 1: Going Down


  19. Contest Of Champions #5

    Contest Of Champions #5


    TO THE DEATH! Learn More
  20. Crickets #5

    Crickets #5


    The acclaimed series continues with another chapter of the ongoing serial, Blood of the Virgin, and an appearance by The Blobby Boys! Learn More
  21. Dark & Bloody #1

    Dark And Bloody #1


    Guns, moonshine, monsters-there's a lot going on in the backwoods of Kentucky. Learn More
  22. Darth Vader #16

    Darth Vader #16


    NEW STORY ARC! Learn More
  23. Deadpool #7

    Deadpool #7


    Twenty-five years ago in February 1991, the New Mutants encountered a blabber mouthed mercenary who tore through Xavier's mansion and into the very heart of the 1990s. Learn More
  24. Deadpool Firsts

    Deadpool Firsts


    He's your number one, and these are his #1s! (Plus some other weird numbers.) Learn More
  25. Descender #10

    Descender #10


    Lemire's new series continues! Learn More

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