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  1. Carver #3

    Carver: A Paris Story #3


    Carver's brutal past fianlly catches up to him in Paris, when the reunion with his old flame is cut short in a hail of gunfire. Learn More
  2. Chew: Demon Chicken Poyo #1

    Chew: Demon Chicken Poyo #1


    The final episode of the groundbreaking and historic Poyo trilogy: DEMON CHICKEN POYO. Hell wants him. Learn More
  3. CivilWarLand in Bad Decline (new edition)

    CivilWarLand in Bad Decline: Stories And A Novella


    In six stories and the novella, Bounty, Saunders introduces readers to people struggling to survive in an increasingly haywire world. Learn More
  4. Collective Quarterly #4

    Collective Quarterly #4


    A Magazine About Discovering. Learn More
  5. Contest Of Champions Vol. 1

    Contest Of Champions Volume 1: Battleworld


    You've played the game, now watch the action play out in scores of super-hero showdowns! Learn More
  6. The Cook Up: A Crack Rock Memoir

    Cook Up: A Crack Rock Memoir


    Reminiscent of the classic Random Family and The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, but told by the man who lived it, THE COOK UP is a riveting look inside the Baltimore drug trade portrayed in The Wire and an incredible story of redemption. Learn More
  7. Cook's Illustrated #140

    Cook's Illustrated #140


    Home Of America's Test Kitchen. Learn More
  8. Criminal

    Criminal 10th Anniversary Special Edition


    BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS return ten years later to the world of CRIMINAL for one of their darkest and strangest tales yet. Learn More
  9. Criminal (Magazine Ed.)

    Criminal 10th Anniversary Special Edition (Magazine Edition)


    A perfect companion to the SAVAGE SWORD OF CRIMINAL magazine-size variant! Learn More
  10. Cry Baby Patch

    Cry Baby Heart Patch


    Nobody likes a cry baby. But who cares, right? Show off your water-works skillz by wearing this patch on your sweatshirt, beanie, backpack, long johns, jean jacket, or pretty much anywhere. Weepy and proud! Learn More
  11. Cry Baby Pin

    Cry Baby Pin


    Your favorite Cry Baby Patch now comes in a pin! Show 'em you're weepy and proud. Learn More
  12. Dark Knight III: Master Race #4

    Dark Knight III: Master Race #4


    The Master Race will rise. Learn More
  13. DC/Dark Horse: Aliens

    DC / Dark Horse: Aliens


    The stories that brought the dread Aliens into the DC Universe are collected in this new title! Learn More
  14. Deadpool #10

    Deadpool #10


  15. Deadpool & Cable: Split Second

    Deadpool And Cable: Split Second


    The Merc with a Mouth and the Soldier with the Shoulders, together again at last! The odd couple of '90s comics are back in their own buddy comic, guns blazing and pouches overflowing. Learn More
  16. Deadpool: World's Greatest Volume 1: Millionaire With A Mouth

    Deadpool: World's Greatest Volume 1: Millionaire With A Mouth


    He's annoying. He's dangerous. He smells terrible. But the public loves him! That's right - the Merc with a Mouth is now the most popular hero in the world. Eat that, Spidey! Learn More
  17. Delayed Gratification #20

    Delayed Gratification #21


    The World's First Slow Journalism Magazine. Learn More
  18. Dept. H #1

    Dept H #1


    From New York Times best-selling MIND MGMT creator Matt Kindt comes an exciting new undersea sci-fi mystery. Learn More
  19. Dissent Magazine

    Dissent Magazine


    The Magazine of Dissent. Learn More
  20. Doctor Who Titans Mini Figure (9th Doctor Series)

    Doctor Who Titans Mini Figure (9th Doctor Series)


    The Doctor who brought the TARDIS - and the Doctor Who franchise - into the 21st Century takes the spotlight in this new series of 3" tall Doctor Who Titans! Learn More
  21. Dragon Age Library Edition Vol. 1

    Dragon Age Library Edition Volume 1


    Helping set the stage for BioWare's hotly anticipated Dragon Age: Inquisition, this deluxe oversized hardcover collects every Dark Horse Dragon Age comic to date. Learn More
  22. Dream Fossil

    Dream Fossil: The Complete Stories Of Satoshi Kon


    The definitive collection of cartoon short stories from movie director Satoshi Kon. Learn More
  23. Dwell Magazine

    Dwell Magazine


    At Home in the Modern World. Learn More
  24. East Of West #25

    East Of West #25


    The smashing conclusion of EAST OF WEST: YEAR TWO begins here. Learn More
  25. Elasticator #2

    Elasticator #2


    The adventures of the first great superhero of 2016 continues here! Learn More

Items 26 to 50 of 152 total

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