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  1. Cartoons For Victory

    Cartoons For Victory


    This book showcases comics about Superman, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and other characters and (their creators) helping to fight World War II. Learn More
  2. CBLDF Liberty Annual 2015 #0

    CBLDF Liberty Annual 2015 #0


    Pointed Satire! Off-color Parody! Bawdy Laffs! Learn More

    CCCP COOK BOOK: True Stories of Soviet Cuisine


    As the Soviet Union struggled along the path to communism, food shortages were commonplace, and both Party authorities and Soviet citizens had to apply every ounce of ingenuity to maximize often-inadequate resources. Learn More
  4. Cheap Chic: Hundreds of Money-Saving Hints to Create Your Own Great Look

    Cheap Chic: Hundreds of Money-Saving Hints to Create Your Own Great Look


    Beloved by designers and style mavens alike, the LBD of fashion guides—with a new foreword by Tim Gunn—is back and more in fashion than ever. Learn More
  5. Cinema Scope #64

    Cinema Scope #64


    Expanding The Frame On International Cinema. Learn More
  6. Cinema Sewer Vol. 5

    Cinema Sewer Volume 5: The Adults Only Guide to History's Sickest and Sexiest Movies!


    The celebrated underground smash that is Cinema Sewer the magazine has been transformed and mutated into CINEMA SEWER: THE BOOK - and following the outstanding popularity of the first four books, VOLUME FIVE has been unleashed onto a now slightly-less-unsuspecting world! Learn More
  7. Civil War #5

    Civil War #5


    The final battle of the Civil War. Learn More
  8. The Clasp

    Clasp: A Novel


    Part comedy of manners, part treasure hunt, the much-anticipated first novel from the writer whom David Sedaris calls "perfectly, relentlessly funny" Learn More
  9. Coffin Hill Vol. 3

    Coffin Hill Volume 3


    Eve Coffin is released from jail in these stories from issues #15-20...and there's waiting for her in Coffin Hill with open arms. Learn More
  10. Color Your Own Age Of Ultron

    Color Your Own Age Of Ultron


    The Avengers face their darkest hour as the metallic menace Ultron stands over a ravaged Earth in the AGE OF ULTRON COLORING BOOK. Learn More
  11. The Comic Book Story Of Beer

    Comic Book Story of Beer: The World's Favorite Beverage from 7000 BC to Today's Craft Brewing Revolution


    A full-color, lushly illustrated graphic novel that recounts the many-layered past and present of beer through dynamic pairings of pictures and meticulously researched insight into the history of the world's favorite brew. Learn More
  12. Contest Of Champions #1

    Contest Of Champions #1


    Welcome to the BATTLEREALM--a broken section of space-time where cosmic beings gamble for the ultimate power while their unwilling pawns fight for their lives and a chance to return back to Earth. Learn More
  13. Convergence



    Where do worlds go when they die? Learn More
  14. Convergence: Zero Hour Book 1

    Convergence: Zero Hour Book 1


    This CONVERGENCE collection stars Green Arrow, Superboy, Catwoman the Suicide Squad and many more, as they fight in a gladiator-style competition to see which worlds will live...and which will perish! Learn More
  15. Convergence: Zero Hour Book 2

    Convergence: Zero Hour Book 2


    This CONVERGENCE collection stars Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and many more. Learn More
  16. Covert To Overt

    Covert to Overt: The Under/Overground Art of Shepard Fairey


    The seminal artist’s recent art and poster works, and his triumphant return to his street-art roots with murals, all in work never before published.  Learn More
  17. Craft Beer & Brewing #10

    Craft Beer And Brewing Magazine #10


    For those who make and drink great beer. Learn More
  18. Creepy Comics Vol. 4

    Creepy Comics Volume 4


    Creepy Comics enters its second half century of horrifying readers! This villainous volume contains some of the spookiest stories yet, including Uncle Creepy's Fifteith anniversary spectacular! Learn More
  19. Crossed Plus 100 #9

    Crossed Plus 100 #9


    Simon Spurrier continues to take the incredible self-sustaining world of Alan Moore's Crossed +100 into a frightening new direction. Learn More
  20. Cursed Pirate Girl Special Annual 2015 #1

    Cursed Pirate Girl Special Annual 2015 #1


    Jeremy Bastian's intricate artwork is unlike anything in modern comics, and his first Cursed Pirate Girl graphic novel has garnered wide critical acclaim. Now he's back to bring readers the next chapter of the Cursed Pirate Girl's adventures in this over-sized annual in the vein of Alice in Wonderland meets 19th-century political cartoons. Learn More
  21. Dark City

    Dark City


    Arthur Danto has described Lynn Saville as New York's answer to Eugène Atget, because she "prowls her city at the other end of the day, picking up pieces of the past in the present, just before it is swallowed by shadows." Learn More
  22. Dark Corridor #3

    Dark Corridor #3


    The series continues. Learn More
  23. Darth Vader #10

    Darth Vader #10


    Vader has a new mission to do for the Empire. Learn More
  24. Deadly Class Vol. 3

    Deadly Class Volume 3: The Snake Pit


    Marcus and his girlfriend Maria are thrown to the wolves when a Mexican Cartel, the family of a classmate they were forced to kill, comes gunning for revenge. Learn More
  25. Death and the Afterlife

    Death and the Afterlife: A Chronological Journey, from Cremation to Quantum Resurrection


    Throughout history, the nature and mystery of death has captivated artists, scientists, philosophers, physicians, and theologians. Learn More

Items 51 to 75 of 269 total

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