Rigor Mortis #3

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Rigor Mortis #3

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from Xerography Debt #28 Review by Anne Thalheimer
The cover completely creeped me out (which is a compliment to Bojan, who did all of the art in this issue), but once I got reading I enjoyed this issue; I’ve never been a fan of gore/zombie films, but I dig monster movies—so I got a kick out of the “Sexiest Monsters of Filmland” article (and totally agree with the winner). RM is phenomenally well-put-together, with fantastic layout (nothing feels crowded and there are absolutely-perfect-for-the-material fonts being used). Get your hands on it—the writing and the art are very well done. If you’re into the gory stuff, RM is a total must-read. (Posted on 8/12/12)
from Xerography Debt #28 Review by Julie Dorn
This zine makes me so flipping happy.

While not a zombie aficionado, I want to hug DeadVida and Dread Sockett for creating RIGOR MORTIS. In the Introduction, the editors lament the watering down of zombies due to widespread appeal. It’s true. When browsing Borders, I saw at least five zombiecentered zombiecentered craft books, including Zombie Felties. (I’m sorry, but they’re ADORABLE!!)

In this issue, you will find a passionate discussion of the evolution of monsters in movies (although the 1950’s alien-inspired monsters are not included, probably because they’re a subgenre onto themselves), a thorough description of Nazi zombies, and articulate, in-depth reviews of zombie books and movies. I particularly enjoyed the top ten list of sexiest monsters (damn right, the Bride of Frankenstein was hot). Highly recommended. (Posted on 8/12/12)
from Xerography Debt #28 Review by Kris Mininger
A true fanzine. While I have little interest in zombies, this zine is so well-written that I was hooked from the introduction where Nibbles the zombie says, “Oh well, if you bought this I guess you have geek issues yourself. They make a cream for that now. Your mama called, she wants her basement back.” The highlights were an article called “Keeping Up With The Gargantuas”—a history of giant monsters in the movies and a piece entitled “Zombietime For Hitler” which is about Nazi zombies in the movies.

There is a memorial for young author Z.A. Recht, “Sexiest Monsters of Filmland,” an article about the FEAST film trilogy, a comic about Tony Todd, zombie book/comic/film reviews and lots of crazy good artwork. I read this on a Portuguese beach and kept looking at the waves (full of surfers) and thinking, “This is the moment one of those guys is gonna get sucked under by a giant sea monster...”.
(Posted on 8/12/12)
from Xerography Debt #28 Review by Maynard Welstand
An intellectually stimulating foray into the zombie genre. The writing here is high quality; almost academic, but more accessible. The art kicks ass, and there is even a mini-comic style essay about Tony Dodd. “Normal” print articles cover a range of topics, sharing the horror flick theme. Among them are: a tribute to Z. A. Recht; the evolution of monsters in film; film series called Feast; sexiest monsters in film; Zombietime for Hitler: an expose on how Nazis are featured in horror flicks.

Also reviews books, comics and movies. (Posted on 8/12/12)

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