Rigor Mortis #4

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Rigor Mortis #4

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from Xerography Debt #29 Review by Julie Dorn
The authors of RIGOR MORTIS are not casual zombie fans. They are well-read aficionados, able to explain the history of the genre and defend their opinions on the subtleties of zombie mythology. They are not, however, being ironic or engaging in pretentious snobbery. They are people who truly love this horror genre, from campy schlock to high-budget masterpieces.

Volume 4 is a very good issue. It displays the authors’ dedication to the subject and includes articulate analysis of all things zombie, but it also offers an entry point for people like me, who don’t have more than a cursory knowledge of zombie movies and literature.

RM is stunning in its range of content and jam packed with suggestions for further viewing and reading. In this issue, there is an in-depth examination of voodoo zombies and the threads of racism that run through that subgenre, an exploration of the gay themes in Dracula and The Bride of Frankenstein, articles on both the Italian director Mario Bava and the movie Willard (both versions), and a discussion of memorable moments of gratuitous nudity in horror movies. I especially appreciated the article, “Almost Zombies,” by Colin Cthulhu. He described the subtle distinction between zombies and almost zombies, including the origins of some of the subculture’s great debates (shamblers vs. runners, reanimated dead vs. infected humans, etc.). I must also note how plentiful and amazing the illustrations are in RM, featuring a wide range of disturbing zombie incarnations.

I am beside myself with how labor intensive RM seems. There are seven well-crafted articles, descriptions and reviews of more than 50 movies, 8 books and a website, and more than 25 illustrations, nine of those filling an entire page. RM is a truly satisfying zine and a steal at $3.50 an issue. Highly recommended. (Posted on 8/12/12)
from Xerography Debt #29 Review by Maynard Welstand
Perzine focused on the horror genre in film, especially zombies. A thoughtful, playful zine that takes its subject seriously enough to feel substantial and well-thought-out, yet off-thecuff enough so it is effortless to read.

In this issue, our ghouls in residence tackle the tough subjects in horror – race, nudity, sexuality, and other topics. I’ll just touch on 2 articles to give you the flavor.

“Race, Revisionism and Voodoo Zombies” - Race in horror is something I’ve thought about, but not in this depth and detail. A thesis is made, arguments are supported with detail and film titles. This really is film crit, not just fans spouting off, but it’s fun and will make you think and add stuff to your Netflix queue. If you are new to horror, be careful, there be spoilers here as the authors have seen it all and are expert in the horror niche.

“Queer Horror” – Horror as a vehicle to dramatize gay exclusion from hetero family and relationships. Gayness in horror is explored with warmth, humor, irony and gore. Dracula and the Bride of Frankenstein are deconstructed and viewed as vehicles to express the homosexual’s alienation from “normal” society. Yep folks, it’s fun lit crit. It DOES exist. (Posted on 8/12/12)

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